Provost's Award For Faculty Excellence in Fostering Undergraduate Research and Creative Scholarship

This award is established to recognize and encourage the individual efforts of Auburn faculty who mentor undergraduate students in research and creative endeavors. The award is designed to honor the practice of mentoring undergraduate research and scholarship, and it is meant to highlight significant commitment to undergraduate scholarship and creative work outside the classroom.

To be eligible, the candidate must be a member of the Auburn faculty who is currently mentoring or has mentored undergraduate students that are attending or have graduated from Auburn University. A tangible mentoring relationship with undergraduate students must be demonstrated. A faculty recipient of the award may be eligible to apply or be nominated again after three years from the date of receipt of the previous award and may not receive the award more than three times.

Selection Criteria
The faculty member must have a successful history mentoring undergraduate students in creative endeavors that involve studying or solving a problem, creating or designing a piece of work, or similar activities appropriate to the discipline. Evidence must be submitted demonstrating major commitment to undergraduate development and scholarship, including the following: (i) Significant Impact on the  Intellectual and Professional Development of Undergraduate Students, (ii) Demonstrated Excellence in the Creative Endeavor (national and regional awards, peer-reviewed publications, student presentations, performances, or showings), and (iii) Ability to Motivate and Instill Values Beneficial to Undergraduate Students.

The award includes a monetary award of $1,000 and a plaque that will be presented during the Provost Award Ceremony.  News of the award will be disseminated via: (i) the AU Office of Communications and Marketing, and (ii) the AU Undergraduate Research website.

The application will consist of: (i) a cover letter from the Department Chair corroborating the mentoring relationship(s) and endorsing the nominee, including a brief discussion of why the faculty member should receive the award (2-page limit); (ii) a letter from the faculty member addressing the award criteria, especially highlighting peer recognition and awards resulting from the relationship(s), as well as a listing of mentored undergraduates (name, dates, publications, presentations, showings, etc.); (iii) a statement of mentoring philosophy prepared by the nominee (3-page limit); (iv) up to five letters from undergraduate students or undergraduate alumni who have been directly mentored by the faculty member; (v) any supporting information providing evidence of the creative endeavor(s) between the students and nominee; and (vi) a 2-page curriculum vitae from the faculty member. Upon request applications will be considered for up to 3 years.

Nominations will be evaluated based upon the aforementioned criteria by a formal selection committee. The selection committee shall consist of: (i) three members of the Auburn University Undergraduate Research and Creative Scholarship Committee; (ii) a representative of the Provost's office; (iii) the immediate past faculty recipient of the award; and (iv) a current Auburn University undergraduate student who is involved in research or creative scholarship.

Application Deadline
All nominations must be submitted electronically to Dr. Lorraine W. Wolf, Director of Undergraduate Research, Office of the Provost, and received by March 2, 2015.


Last Updated: Jan. 9, 2014

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