Julie the Jaguar

Emergent Literacy

By: Jessica C. R.



Rationale: Letter recognition is a crucial skill needed for children to begin reading. Through activities such as practicing writing the letter J and completing a worksheet with “j” items, students will learn how to recognize this letter which, in turn will help them in decoding words that have j in them. The goal of this lesson is to teach letter recognition for the letter J.



-Primary paper

-Piece of paper with big J

-Picture of Julie the jaguar

-Coloring worksheet of jar (with house, table, jump-rope, jeans and a jewel)


-Various pictures of item and colors that start with the letter j as well as some pictures that do not:

-June (picture of the month on a calendar)




-January (picture of month on calendar)






-Learning our letters is very important for all of us because we all want to be great readers. Today we are going to learn about another letter.

-Introduce the letter by showing it to the kids on a laminated piece of paper. Can anybody tell me what letter this is? Today we are going to learn about the letter J. To say this letter, we are going to put our teeth together and release air as we open our mouth, /j/ Our tongue is up, mouth is open.  Can anybody tell me a word that starts with a / j/? I will do this by introducing Julie the Jaguar.

-Now that we know what a j looks like we are going to practice writing it on your paper. Model this on the whiteboard and then have students practice on primary paper. To write an uppercase j, we start at the roof and draw a straight line down to the sidewalk. Then we give it a belly and curve up to the fence. To write a lowercase j we start at the fence and draw a line down to the bottom of the ditch and curve up to the sidewalk. This time we give the little j an “eye” and place a dot above the fence.

-Now we are going to do a funny tongue tickler. I will say it one time and I want you to listen closely for the /j/ sound. ‘Julie the jaguar is jumping for joy.’ Now let’s say it together and when you hear the /j/ I want you to put your paws up like a jaguar. This is where I am modeling the sound for them: /j/ - jjjjump (yes), dddog (no)…do you feel your tongue up and your mouth open?

-Can you think of any other words that have the /j/ sound in them?

-Now I will read you some words. Act like Julie if you hear the /j/ sound: jam, juicy, house, jar, cake, joke. No I want you to raise your hand if you can come up with a word that starts with /j/!

-Now let’s look at these pictures. Show me if you think the word starts with the letter J. Have various pictures of things that start with j. Then read them the poem, “J” by Sesame Street. Model how to know if it starts with a j.



For assessment, give the students an outline of a jar along with small pictures of a house, table, jump-rope, jeans and a jewel. They will be asked to paste the items that start with a j into the jar.



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