The Gulping Girl

Katie Bolander- Emergent Literacy


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Rationale: This lesson will help the students identify the letter g and recognize that g=/g/. They will use the meaning representation of a gulping girl to help them learn g=/g/. The students will learn to identify the /g/ sound in spoken words like goat and goose. The students will also learn how to find the letter Gg in written words.



·         Pencils for every student

·         Primary Paper for every student

·         A poster or projection of the letter Gg on it

·         A poster or projection of  a picture of a girl gulping water

·         A poster or projection of  the tongue tickler

·         A white board and dry erase marker

·         The Book: Goodnight Moon

·         Optional for book making: paper and crayons for the kids

·         Word cards with: GAME, GUM, NO, GET, BOAT




1. Say: Today, we are going to start learning our consonants. Consonants are sounds that are partially or completely closed, unlike the vowels that are all open sounds. The consonant that we will be working on today is the letter g. *Show the poster of the letter Gg*


2. Say: The letter g says /g/ (say guh). This sounds like someone gulping a drink. *Show the poster of a girl gulping her drink* I want everyone to say g-g-g. Now, hold your hand up to your lips as if you are drinking something. *demonstrate this motion for the students* Next, make the g-g-g sound as if you are drinking. When we say /g/ our mouth should be open while the back of our tongue is on the roof of our mouth and drops down as we say /g/. Can everyone turn to a neighbor and gulp your drink, g-g-g.


3. Say: Let me show you how to find the /g/ in the word pig. I am going to stretch out pig in super slow motion and listen for my gulping sound. Ppp-i-i-ggg, slower P-p-p-i-i-i-g-gggg There it was! I felt my tongue hit the roof of my mouth and drop down. I can feel the gulping in the word pig.


4. Say: Now, we are going to say a tongue tickler together. I will say it then you will repeat after me, and every time you hear a /g/ put up your gulping glass. The g-oat wanted to g-ive the g-oose a g-ift of g-um. Alright, let's all say it together: The g-oat wanted to g-ive the g-oose a g-ift of g-um.


5. Say: We are going to write the lowercase g. *the teacher will demonstrate how to write the letter on the white board while describing her movements* To make a g you will start by drawing a lowercase c, then you will draw a line from the fence, past the sidewalk and into the ditch and finish with a basket that curls back up. *the teacher should pass out primary paper and pencils to each one of the students*


6.Say: We will all try to find the /g/ in each of these words. I will say a word and I want you to tell me which word has a /g/ in it.  Do you hear /g/ in boy or girl? Gate or fence? Cow or dog? *wait for the students to respond and if they have trouble with any word sound each of the words out for them.* Next, I want you to use your hand and gulp every time you hear /g/ in a word. The girl gulped a big glass of grape juice that her grandma gave her.


7. Say: We are going to read the book Goodnight Moon. In this book the bunny loves getting ready for bed and says goodnight to all its favorite things. Will it forget to say goodnight to anything special? In the title what word do you hear /g/? *wait for the students to answer.* You hear /g/ in goodnight. As I read this story I want you all to gulp your drink every time you hear /g/. *after the story is read* Can anyone think of words that you can say goodnight to that also have a /g/ in them? (grandma, grandpa, pig, dog). *The teacher can also make their own version of goodnight moon by having each of the students saying goodnight to something with a /g/ in it. The /g/ should be underlined on each page. The teacher can put the book together and have a /g/ class book*


8. Say: I have these word cards and I want you to tell me which word is on each of the cards. *show game* Is this word game or fame? This is game. Let's sound it out, gggg-ame. *Go through all the word cards like this: gum/mum, no/go, get/met, boat/float*


9. FOR ASSESSMENT Say: Last, we are going to do this worksheet. In this worksheet you are going to color all of the pictures that have the sound /g/ in them and write the letter g in the blank. *Also, the teacher can call back each of the student to read the word cards individually from #8 to ensure that they have mastered the /g/ sound*




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