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Our Mission

The Office of Academic Insight actively supports quality assessment of student learning outcomes at Auburn University to provide evidence of learning improvement. In addition, the Office of Academic Insight strives to build national visibility around best practices in assessment and learning improvement.

About Us

University Assessment Council

The University Assessment Council (UAC) is an advisory committee that regularly meets to discuss program assessment efforts at Auburn University. Current Council members are

  • Jonathan Stanley - Raymond J. Harbert College of Business
  • Maria Witte - The Graduate School
  • David Crowe - College of Education
  • Caralise Hunt - School of Nursing
  • Scott Enebak - School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences
  • Ben Farrow - College of Architecture, Design & Construction
  • Bob Boyd - College of Science and Mathematics
  • Jeffrey Fergus - Samuel Ginn College of Engineering
  • Melinda Camus - College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Alleah Crawford - College of Human Sciences
  • Charles Israel - College of Liberal Arts
  • Abbygail Langham - Student Affairs
  • Juliet Rumble - Libraries
  • Daniel Trujillo - Harrison School of Pharmacy
  • Amy Wright - College of Agriculture

AUBURNACHIEVE Advisory Council

Auburn Achieve
  • Amy Wright, Chair
  • Brendan Higgins, College of Agriculture
  • Tom Leathem, College of Architecture, Design & Construction
  • Jonathan Stanley, College of Business
  • Margaret Flores, College of Education
  • Robbie Barnes, College of Engineering
  • Todd Franks, College of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences
  • David Martin, College of Human Sciences
  • Tom Lockhart, College of Liberal Arts
  • Kelley Noll, College of Nursing
  • Murali Dhanasekaran, College of Pharmacy
  • Robert Boyd, College of Science and Mathematics
  • Kelley Steury, College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Maria Witte, Graduate School

Last updated: May 10, 2022