Floor Plans

Select one of the floor plans for an expanded view of classroom locations and descriptions of each classroom.

Sustainability Features

Auburn University is committed to sustainable practices across campus, represented through our Office of Sustainability. This commitment includes incorporating different aspects of sustainability into new buildings. The Mell Classroom Building @ RBD Library is no exception.

  • Central location alleviates the need for individuals to use their own cars to get to the building
  • Roof is constructed to block sunlight, helping with air conditioning costs in the summer
  • Multiple windows allow for plenty of light during the day, making it less necessary to have artificial light at all times
  • Lights are set to turn off and on automatically, depending on room activity and on level of day light
  • Building materials came from regional locations, decreasing energy used to bring materials to Auburn and boosting local economy
  • Carpet tiles and the terrazzo flooring incorporate recycled materials and the multiple recycling containers throughout the building encourage recycling of paper, plastic, and cans

Digital Signage in Mell

Mell features several monitors in open spaces throughout the building to display digital signage. If you would like to submit digital signage to be displayed in Mell, please email mellsup@auburn.edu. Digital signage should be a 1920x1080 JPG.

Last updated: November 20, 2020