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As you write and communicate with others, it is important that you consider accessibility, or the ability for diverse audiences to engage with your writing. The commitment to accessible and inclusive practice is ongoing and demands recursive critical reflection, education, and feedback, but we hope these resources get you beginning to think about diverse readers and audiences for your work. 

Materials designed by Christopher Basgier, Katharine Brown, Amy Cicchino, and Layli Miron. 

This guide articulates University Writing's practices for accessibility and inclusivity. We use this guide for internal training within our program

This handout guides discussion facilitators in enacting inclusive practices like inclusive introductions, rapport building, and strategies for encouraging conversation

This handout helps mentors learn how to build mentor-mentee relationships that take account of meaningful differences across race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender, sexual identity, and academic major 


This handout helps writers create accessible Word and PDF documents with an emphasis on visibility, audibility, and mobility  


This checklist helps you evaluate the accessibility of a specific form of digital writing, ePortfolio websites, by reviewing the accessibility of your content and digital design.

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