Photo of Floyd Johnson
Floyd Johnson
Director, Emergency Management
(334) 844-8888

Day Job:

One of the things that I enjoy the most about my job is that no two days are alike. Working in higher education is such a unique experience as there are so many complexities that make the job challenging and exciting. Emergency Management serves the Auburn family by preparing for, protecting against, and responding to a broad range of emergencies that could impact our people, operations, and environment. We also facilitate partnerships and coordination with internal AU units as well as local, state and federal partners. One of my favorite components of emergency management is training and exercising. Training is one of the primary ways in which we test our preparedness plans and identify the areas that need improvement. My personal philosophy is that if it can be predicted it can be prevented.

Favorite Auburn Experience:

With me being so new to the Auburn family that is a challenging question. A part of me wants to say it was the first sip of Toomer’s lemonade. However, I really think that my best experience has been with the people. From the moment I visited campus you could feel the sense of pride in the Auburn community. I have only been on campus for a few months, but I already feel like family and that is incredibly valuable to me. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about all the traditions both past and present. In case you were wondering the part of the Auburn Creed that speaks to me the most is knowing that we are resilient and able to be prepared and overcome all things through a spirit that is not afraid. To me, that is the Auburn experience!


I enjoy scuba diving, cycling, foreign travel and spending time with family and friends.
Last updated: 08/14/2022