Compliance and Occupancy

The services listed below are available for any Auburn University department, regardless of location.  Unless otherwise indicated, submit a Project Request at

  1. Provide COVID-19 Compliance and Occupancy Study: These can include:
    1. Determine occupancy for classrooms.
    2. Determine occupancy for conference, training, assembly space type rooms.
    3. Providing sample diagrams, markers, and schemas for how physical distancing can be achieved for various room types.
    4. Provide queuing plans for waiting rooms/areas, reception areas, and dining venues, etc.
    5. Provide review and recommendations for traffic flow in public spaces.
    6. Provide review and recommendations for installation of sneeze guards and furniture wall extensions and reconfigurations.
    7. Provide review and recommendations for removal, reconfiguration, and/or storage for furniture.
    8. Provide review and recommendations for modifications to open office areas, cubicles, workstations, etc.
    9. Provide classroom, dining, and other social gathering space layouts.

Sample Study



Last Updated: July 29, 2020