Request Services

Submit a work order through the ReADY system by visiting or calling 334-844-4357 (HELP) to request:

  • Cleaning service for an individual’s office space, or
  • Any cleaning outside of the normal procedure, such as an event or an unforeseen emergency.

The services listed below are available for any Auburn University department, regardless of location.  Unless otherwise indicated, submit a Project Request at

  1. Provide COVID-19 Compliance and Occupancy Study: These can include:
    1. Determine occupancy for classrooms.
    2. Determine occupancy for conference, training, assembly space type rooms.
    3. Providing sample diagrams, markers, and schemas for how physical distancing can be achieved for various room types.
    4. Provide queuing plans for waiting rooms/areas, reception areas, and dining venues, etc.
    5. Provide review and recommendations for traffic flow in public spaces.
    6. Provide review and recommendations for installation of sneeze guards and furniture wall extensions and reconfigurations.
    7. Provide review and recommendations for removal, reconfiguration, and/or storage for furniture.
    8. Provide review and recommendations for modifications to open office areas, cubicles, workstations, etc.
    9. Provide classroom, dining, and other social gathering space layouts.
  2. Provide review and recommendations for furniture for outdoor classrooms, dining, and/or events
  3. Relocation services for indoor furniture.
  4. Design, procurement, and installation of outdoor furniture. New outdoor furniture should be designed and procured through AUFM Office of the University Architect to ensure it meets safety, ADA, and Image and Character guidelines. 
  5. Location of additional space for new space needs and agreements.
  6. General guidance on allowable space and land usage, compliance with ADA, Fire Code, IBC, and Life Safety, temporary furniture and tent usage, etc. 
  7. Provide guidance, review and recommendations for tents and defined gathering spaces ensuring coordination with Landscape Services and Utilities for line locate and irrigation schedule. Requests for short-term use of tents should be The long-term use of tents is not authorized for use as temporary classrooms or dining venues due to safety hazards during storm events. Requests for short-term use of tents should be sent to Campus Event Planning System (CEPS)
  8. Units that wish to "prop" interior doors open to reduce physical spread of germs should send a request to Facilities Management via the ReADY system at These requests must be reviewed for compliance with Fire Safety, Life Safety, and ADA Guidelines. 

Last Updated: August 27, 2021