Facilities Management - COVID-19 Q & A

What does normal operations mean?

Normal operations mean that the university is operationally open, and we are practicing social distancing. This means that we are:

  1. Strongly encouraging interviews to be conducted remotely (for example, through Zoom). Be consistent in conducting all interviews in the same manner.
  2. We recommend that work that can be handled remotely should be handled remotely.
  3. Work that must be handled at the work site will be handled at the work site.
  4. Identify equipment, resources, and access that may be available for working remotely (VPN, Zoom, laptops, etc.). If necessary, the equipment will be provided by the department.
  5. Identify how you will communicate with your staff, reminding them that they should regularly visit the University’s coronavirus website and also register for AU Alert.
  6. If you are assigned to work from home, we encourage regular communication between the supervisor and employee throughout the work day. The supervisor will establish and communicate clear expectations to employees who are working remotely.


What should I do If I am fearful for myself or a family member?

We understand that members of the Auburn University community may be feeling anxious about their health and the health of friends, family and colleagues. Our priority is to support you during this time. There are a number of things you can do:  

  1. Follow the precautionary measures set out by the CDC.  
  2. Discuss your concerns with your supervisor to determine if it is possible to work from home or to work an alternative work schedule.  
  3. If your job can not be performed remotely and an alternative work schedule is not possible, talk with your supervisor professionally about being granted the ability to stay at home.
  4. Consider seeking support through the Auburn University Employee Assistance Program by calling 1-800-925-5EAP (5327), if you feel that you need some additional support during this period.


What if myself or a family member has a weakened immune system or a documented health related issue?

According to the CDC, people with certain preexisting health conditions are at a higher risk to develop complications from a COVID-19 infection. Your health is the top priority, so you may stay home if there is concern of community spread. Please work with your supervisor to plan to work from home, where possible. If it is not possible to perform your job at home, you should remain home and follow CDC or your healthcare practitioner’s guidelines for minimizing your risk of infection.


Is a student or TES worker allowed to work from home?

This can be allowed on a case-by-case basis. Considerations are based on if there is remote work that can be done by the TES and student and if there is work tools (i.e. computers etc) that are available for them to use. Please work with your supervisor on options available. 


Will student and TES workers be paid during this time if they are unable to work remotely. 

Yes, students and TES workers will be paid please see the Auburn University HR website for more information -   https://www.auburn.edu/administration/human_resources/coronavirus.html


My child’s school has closed. I am a single parent with no one to help during the day. Are there options for me?

If you are unable to work because you have children at home, you should discuss this with your supervisor. It may be possible to allow you to work from home or to limit the hours/days for which you must make alternative arrangements for childcare. It may also be possible to modify work schedules to allow you to work around times when you must care for your children. Flexibility is the key. While every effort will be made to work with you, please understand that we do need all departments to remain open and employees to be willing to work as necessary.   


What if I cannot work remote, will I still get paid

All employees and supervisors are encouraged to be as flexible as possible to help minimize the spread of illness. Where possible, remote working is encouraged. Where remote work is not operationally feasible, supervisors are encouraged to work with employees to establish flexible schedules that may allow those employees to come to work for all or part of their regular work hours.

As communicated by Dr. Gogue, all current employees will continue to be paid at their regular rate of pay through the spring term, even if they are unable to perform their normal job responsibilities. Please see AU HR website for more information - https://www.auburn.edu/administration/human_resources/coronavirus.html

Last Updated: November 24, 2020