COVID-19 Expectations

Auburn University Housing (AUH) remains committed to providing residents with an enjoyable living experience while also maintaining a safe and healthy environment. To meet this goal, AUH has created the expectations listed below that all residents will be expected to follow.

Sanitation, Physical Distancing & Preventative Measures

All residents will be required to wear a mask upon entering the residence hall. Masks may be removed once the resident has entered their personal room. Hand sanitizer is available in all residence hall lobbies. Signage promoting physical distancing and other sanitation and preventative measures will be posted throughout the residence halls.

Room Change Week

AUH will be offering a room change week between Jan. 11 and Jan. 15. Residents will receive more information about the process to their Auburn email account.

Visitation Policy

Residents who live on campus will be able to visit other on-campus residence halls. Students who do not live on campus and non-students will not be allowed entry into the halls. Visitation policies may be revisited as new guidance is received from the ADPH and the CDC.

Common Spaces

Occupancy will be limited for all residence hall common spaces. Furniture will be reduced where applicable, and remaining furniture will be spaced apart. Residents will be expected to maintain a physical distance of at least 6 feet in all residence hall common spaces.

All residents will be required to wear a mask while in the common areas.

Updated Fire Drill Information

Within the first three weeks of classes, each residence hall will have a fire drill.

Your hall will have an unannounced fire drill during this time on a weekday (Monday-Thursday) in the evening. If you are in the residence hall when the fire alarm sounds, your participation is mandatory. Any student who does not evacuate the hall will be required to complete a fire safety course. When the alarm sounds you should immediately evacuate the residence hall.

During the drill, you will need to wear a face covering or mask. Staff will be on-hand to remind you to take your mask with you. As you evacuate, staff will guide you to the assembly area for your hall. This is the area you should go to any time the alarm sounds. While at the assembly area, you should continue to wear your mask and practice physical distancing. During the drill, staff will enter each residents' room to ensure that everyone has evacuated the hall.

Once the drill is complete staff will let you back into the residence hall. We ask that you practice physical distancing as you return to the hall. You should wear your mask until you return to your residence hall room. As you enter the hall we encourage you to use the provided hand sanitizer station or wash your hands once back in your room.

A healthier U

In addition to the policies listed above, all residents will be expected to follow all A healthier U plan guidelines

We take your safety very seriously, and we appreciate your cooperation with our COVID-19 preventative measures.

Last Updated: December 17, 2020