Graduating Senior Exit Survey

Graduating Senior Exit Survey

The Graduating Senior Exit survey is conducted each semester three to four weeks prior to the end of classes among undergraduate seniors who registered for UNIV-4AA0 - University Graduation Course. Among other topics, the survey covers employment prospects, graduate school enrollment, job search experiences, participation in the ePortfolio project, and undergraduate research.

To view student responses by college, department, program, and academic year or semester, please follow the links below. 


Starting in the 2018-2019 academic year, data on employment and continuing education are collected using the First Destination Survey. The Graduating Senior Survey is still used to capture information about student experiences while at Auburn. The data from 2018-2019 Graduating Senior Survey administration are available at the links below:


For additional information or to request a custom report based on these data, please contact the Office of Institutional Research at or (334) 844-4765.


Last updated: 06/21/2019