National Survey of Student Engagement, 2007

Results from the 2007 National Survey of Student Engagement

Each year randomly selected freshmen and seniors at hundreds of colleges and universities complete the National Survey of Student Engagement. The NSSE survey captures information about how much time students devote to learning, how involved they are in best learning practices, and how fully challenged and supported they feel by their college.

NSSE reveals:

  • How much freshmen and seniors study and how else they spend their time
  • How much and what kind of assignments and intellectual activities their classes require
  • How much contact they have with faculty members
  • How often they take advantage enriching activities like study abroad, service learning, or student government
  • How they grade their own progress in key areas of knowledge and skill
  • How satisfied they are with their educational experience


NSSE results are summarized in five key benchmark scores:

  • Academic Challenge: The importance of academic effort and the level of expectations for student performance on campus
  • Active and Collaborative Learning: Teamwork, problem solving, and preparation for dealing with messy, unscripted issues
  • Student-Faculty Interaction: Faculty members as mentors, guides and role models, not just as lecturers
  • Enriching Educational Experiences: Opportunities to enhance learning through community engagement, diversity, study abroad, projects, etc.
  • Supportive Campus Environment: Quality of relationships with students, faculty and staff; support for academic and personal aspects of college life


Table 1. NSSE 2007 Benchmark Scores: Auburn University first-year students compared with peer universities' first-year students 

Auburn Doc/Highest & Higher NSSE Top 50%
Benchmark Indexed Meana Indexed Meana Sig.b Effect sizec Indexed Meana Sig.b Effect sizec
Academic Challenge 89 91 * -0.08 100 *** -0.46
Active Learning 87 88 -0.03 100 *** -0.36
Student-Faculty Interaction 88 87 0.02 100 *** -0.24
Enriching Experiences 87 91 * -0.07 100 *** -0.28
Supportive Environment 96 89 *** 0.24 100 *** -0.14


Table 2. NSSE 2007 Benchmark Scores: Auburn University seniors compared with peer universities' seniors 

Auburn Doc/Highest & Higher NSSE Top 50%
Benchmark Indexed Meana Indexed Meana Sig.b Effect sizec Indexed Meana Sig.b Effect sizec
Academic Challenge 91 99 -0.07 100 *** -0.38
Active Learning 95 90 *** 0.15 100 *** -0.15
Student-Faculty Interaction 90 84 *** 0.14 100 *** -0.22
Enriching Experiences 84 85 0.00 100 *** -0.40
Supportive Environment 95 87 *** 0.26 100 *** -0.17


a Means weighted by gender, enrollment status, and institutional size, then scaled (Mean of Top 50% = 100).

b * p<.05, **p<.01, *** p<.001 (2-tailed).

Effect size is Cohen’s d, the standardized difference between the institution’s mean and the comparison group’s mean, calculated by dividing the mean difference by the pooled standard deviation.

AU scores based on 1,829 responses (39% response rate), with a sampling error of 2.0%.

Click here to see a comparison of Auburn's 2007 benchmark scores with those of national best performers.

Click here to visit the NSSE site and see a facsimile of the survey.

Last updated: 03/09/2018