Professional Licensure

Professional Licensure

Professional Licensure Disclosure

This page provides the details for every professional program at Auburn University which requires special licensures or certifications. For example, in order to practice as a Nurse, a student has to become licensed in addition to graduating from an accredited program like Auburn’s. Most of the time, each state in the United States has a special licensing board for a particular field. The requirements for licensure or certification can vary by state. If you would like more general guidance about career opportunities, the University Career Center is available to assist you.

In the interactive map below, you can select a major or degree program that leads to professional licensure or certification; then, find out whether the program “meets” or “does not meet” the requirements necessary for licensure in each state. We hope the map is helpful as you consider states in which you'd like to practice. On occasion, it may be possible that we were “unable to determine” if our Auburn program meets a specific state’s licensure/certification requirement. In the map you can find more detail about each state as well as an Auburn point of contact who is here to help you if you have any questions. More detailed information about licensing requirements can be found by hovering over the “Disclosure Statement” box.

We hope this map is useful to you as you begin to consider your post-graduation plans. Please note that we update this website on July 1st and January 30th each year. Please use the links provided to check the requirements for licensure in a particular state. Also, for students living and/or working outside the US, please determine with the appropriate agency whether successful completion of an Auburn degree will meet licensure requirements in the international location in which you intend to seek employment.


  1. Filter by college or Filter by program: select either the college or the degree program, and click the green checkmark.
  2. From this point, you may select the state(s) for which you want to learn the requirements. You can select this either in the Filter by State menu, or you can click on the map. You can see the details in the Professional Licensure Details section underneath the map (hover over the 'disclosure statement' to see a full explanation).
Last updated: 07/01/2020