O365 Email Migration

Email Migration to Office 365 (in the cloud)

Currently, Auburn is running two different email systems.  Faculty and Staff are on Microsoft Exchange Servers in the local datacenter (On-Premises or on-prem) and the students are using Office 365 (aka O365, in the cloud).  This migration will be moving the faculty and staff to the cloud - O365, and will eventually merge the faculty, staff, and students in the same service using @auburn.edu for email.  Don’t worry, any email address you are using today, will be preserved including tigermail addresses. 
Office 365 will add many benefits and some changes to our current email offering including some of the following:

  • Mailboxes will increase from 10GB to 50GB.
  • Email will no longer be archived due to the increase in size.  However, access to Netmail archive will remain.
  • Message sending size will increase to 50MB, however, many mails systems (Outside Auburn) still only accept emails of 25MB or less.
  • 1000 sender recipient per day limit.
  • Email is replicated to many databases and datacenters in North America.
Additional information and updates are being provided by OIT at the following webpage: https://aub.ie/emailmigration
We have also created a Knowledge base article in our support requests system here: https://csm-help.auburn.edu/helpdesk/KB/View/2848-office--email-migration
COSAM IT will be sending out a Qualtrics survey soon for anyone who wishes to be an early adopter to move as early as Nov 12 and before Dec 19 of this year.  Otherwise, email migrations will be planned for groups/departments in Spring 2019.  If you wish to be an early adopter please keep the following things in mind.
  1. This is only for Faculty and Staff at this time.  Those of you with Tigermail accounts will have to processed separately since you already have an account in Office 365. 
  2. We will need to place employees into groups of no more than 100 and will need to prioritize those migrations.
  3. Please note any blackout dates, preferred migration days of the week, and special time of day considerations.
  4. Migrations will only be on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays to prevent email disruptions over weekends. 
  5. If you have delegates accessing your account to read or process email/calendar appointments will have to move together or wait until the rest of campus migrates.  This includes Room Scheduling and how it will impacts the departments and individuals.  If your account gets moved to Office 365, you will be unable to access shared resources until they are moved to Office 365.  Our survey will identify these individuals and COSAM IT will have separate conversations with your department to make sure your operations will not be disrupted.
  6. Once you move to Office 365, we are unable to move you back to on-prem servers.  If you decide to be an early adopter please keep this in mind.
  7. All new employee accounts starting Nov 1 will be created in O365.  If new employees need to see shared calendars, this will be prohibitive until the department completes the migration.  If this will be an issue, please contact COSAM IT as early as possible to make other arrangements.

OIT is planning to send out very general emails about Office 365 and the Migration process.   These emails are meant to inform and know that all migrations for COSAM will be coordinated with your departments through our office.  I will be reaching out to key groups and departments to discuss migration plans to ensure very little disruption in business processes.
Please feel free to fill out the Qualtrics survey that will be emailed out soon, only if you are interested in being an early adopter.
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Need assistance, email cosamhd@auburn.edu.  You can also visit http://aub.ie/cosamit for additional information.