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Kenneth M. Halanych
Biological Sciences
Professor and Schneller Endowed Chair

Office: 317 Rouse Life Sciences Bldg.

101 Rouse Life Sciences Bldg.

Phone: (334) 844-3222
Fax: (334) 844-2333



Ph.D. - University of Texas at Austin

Research and Teaching Interests

Systematics and phylogeography of marine invertebrates. The Halanych Lab is also part of the Molette Biology Laboratory for Environmental and Climate Change Studies at Auburn University

Selected Publications

  1. Struck, T.H., A. Golombek, A.Weiger, F.A. Franke, W. Westheide, G. Purschke, C. Bleidorn, K.M. Halanych. 2015. The evolution of annelids reveals two adaptive routes to the interstitial realm. Current Biology 25:1993-1999.

  2. Brannock, P.M., and K.M. Halanych. 2015. Meiofaunal community analysis by high-throughput sequencing: Comparison of extraction, quality filtering, and clustering methods. Marine Genomics 23:67-75.

  3. Whelan, N.V., K.M. Kocot, L.L. Moroz, K.M. Halanych. 2015. Error, signal, and the placement of Ctenophora sister to all other animals. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112:5773-5778.

  4. Halanych, K.M. 2015. The ctenophore lineage is older then sponges? That cannot be right! Or can it? Journal of Experimental Biology 218:592-597. doi:10.1242/jeb.111872.

  5. Cannon, J.T., K.M. Kocot, D. S. Waits, D.A. Weese, B.J. Swalla, S.R. Santos, and K.M. Halanych. 2014. Phylogenomic resolution of the hemichordate and echinoderm clade. Current Biology 24:2827-2832.

  6. Halanych, K.M., and K.M. Kocot. 2014. Repurposed transcriptomic data facilitate discovery of innate immunity Toll-Like Receptor (TLRs) genes across Lophotrochozoa. Biological Bulletin 227:201-209.

  7. Moroz, L.L, K.M. Kocot, M.R. Citarella, S. Dosung, T.P. Norekian, I.S. Povolotskaya, A.P. Grigorenko, C. Dailey, E. Berezikov, K. Buckley, D. Reshetov, A. Ptytsyn, K. Mukherjee, T.P. Moroz, E. Dabe, F. Yu, V.V. Kapitonov, J. Jurka, Y. Bobkov, J.J. Swore, D.O. Girardo, R. Bruders, C. E. Mills, V.V. Solovyev, J. Rast, B.J. Swalla, F.A. Kondrashov, J.V. Sweedler, E.I. Rogaev, K.M. Halanych, A.B. Kohn. 2014. The Ctenophore Genome and the Emergence of Neural Systems. Nature. 510:109-114.

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Undergraduate Graduate
Invertebrate Biodiversity - BIOL4010
Special Topics - BIOL7970

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