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COSAM Alumnus to Attend 50th Iron Bowl

Published: 11/15/2018

By: Carla Nelson

When Jack Moody attended his first Iron Bowl game in 1968, he realized his father hadn’t been completely honest with him. Moody’s father and grandfather were graduates of Auburn University and attending Auburn football games had always been a family tradition. Moody said since he was the third of three siblings, and there was only a certain amount of tickets each season, that his father told him the age requirement to attend an Auburn game was age 8.

“My first Auburn football game was SMU (Southern Methodist University) in 1968,” Moody said. “I’ll never forget it. I still have my ticket. The whole game I kept seeing kids younger than me and would complained to my Dad that, ‘that kid isn’t 8!’ ”

That was the first Iron Bowl of what has become a standing tradition for Moody and this year he will attend his 50th Iron Bowl in a row.

Moody graduated from the Auburn University College of Sciences and Mathematics with a Pre-Med Biology degree and a minor in Chemistry in 1982. He said throughout the years he attended as many Auburn games as possible, but always made it to the Iron Bowl.

After graduating from Auburn, Moody attended medical school at the University of Alabama in Birmingham and still made it to every Iron Bowl. When he moved to Winston-Salem, N.C., for his residency, it wasn’t quite as easy.

“I was determined through medical school and residency to keep it going,” Moody said of his Iron Bowl streak. “I would trade off Christmas to be on call … I would have to make all kinds of trades to go to the Auburn vs. Alabama game.”

Moody is currently an internal medicine physician in Huntsville, which sometimes requires working weekends, but he still finds a way to make it to the Iron Bowl each year.

“Throughout the years I’ve been able to hook it and crook it and get off,” he said. “I’ll take call on Thanksgiving in order to be off that Saturday. That’s been the hardest part, finagling the schedule to be off.”

Some of his most memorable Iron Bowl experiences, according to Moody, include meeting former coaches Bear Bryant and Shug Jordan and being in attendance at the “Punt Bama Punt” game in 1972 and the “Kick Six” game in 2013.

The Iron Bowl isn’t his only memories. Moody’s car sat outside the Auburn University structure nicknamed “The Barn” when it caught fire during the Auburn vs. LSU game in 1996.

“It melted the little reflector plates on the side of my car,” Moody remembered with a laughed.

Moody now attends Auburn games with his own family and said he looks forward to seeing old friends at the Iron Bowl.

Moody has seen the Auburn Tigers at their best and worst, but said he always believes in an Auburn win before every Iron Bowl.

“We’re always going to win,” Moody said of his prediction for his 50th Iron Bowl. “I never go into the game without the thought that we’re going to win. It’s just such a fun rivalry.”


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