Faculty and Student Experiences

Faculty and students have been excited about sharing their experiences of teaching and learning in the EASL classroom. The room is described as energizing, inviting, so different from all other classrooms that students come early and stay late (some students even say that it is partly because of the room that they did not skip a single class).

Faculty, while realizing that preparing for teaching in this room takes a lot of time, find it gratifying to watch the students discover connections on their own a lecture may have touched on but probably would not have been seen as significant. Students are more independent helping each other, form a stronger community, and see this space and this type of learning as a great preparation for their future work experiences.

EASL vs. Traditional Classroom

The following video discusses the differences between classrooms, both from the faculty and student perspective.




For more information about the EASL spaces at Auburn University, contact Dr. Wiebke Kuhn at 334-750-3360 or send an email to kuhnwi1 at auburn.edu.

Last Updated: April 14, 2016