EASL Classrooms

What is EASL?

Engaged and Active Student Learning (EASL) relies on high levels of engagement and energy to create a collaborative and active classroom environment between students and instructors. The Mell Classroom Building @ RBD Library emphasizes a student-centered environment that promotes EASL. Facilitating student learning in a flexible, open, and technology-infused classroom spaces allows for an active and more personal learning experience.

Classrooms feature include clustered seating, glass boards, and monitors that allow students to connect their mobile devices and use web-based resources throughout the learning process.

Visit the classroom types page for more information.

To reserve an EASL Classroom for Non-Course Events please fill out the reservation form at least 72 hours before your scheduled event.
Benefits of EASL Classes

Research shows that students learn more information and make deeper connections to course material by applying textbook and other content to relevant learning situations. When this learning happens in classrooms designed for collaboration, students are able to seek help from peers and instructors.

Preparing for EASL Classes

Students should prepare for EASL classes by either completing assigned readings or watching digital content before class. Faculty spend class time engaging students in collaborative activities and discussions with their peers over class content. Students are expected to participate in collaborative activities designed to demonstrate and reinforce active learning concepts and approaches.

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Six-point increase in final EASL course grades (average)

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Improved content retention and higher grades in subsequent courses

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Enhanced communication, collaboration, and leadership skills

Last Updated: February 6, 2019