Moving Forward

EASL Working Group

The Provost's Office has put together an EASL working group, consisting of faculty, students and support staff from multiple units, to work through new implementation of EASL spaces at Auburn University. The group is working with Auburn University architects, facilities and the architects who are designing the new classroom buildings. Members of the group are: Dr. Marcia Boosinger, Associate Dean, Libraries; Dr. Diane Boyd, Director, Biggio Center; Daniel Caldwell, OIT Classroom Design; Dr. Victoria Cardullo, Dept of Curriculum & Teaching; Dr. Ana Franco-Watkins, Dept of Psychology; Anna Ruth Gatlin, Interior Designer, AU Facilities; Dr. Nicholas Giordano, Dean, College of Sciences and Mathematics; John Gober, OIT Classroom Design; John Helms, OIT; Brock Hendon, SGA; Dr. Wiebke Kuhn, IT Manager, College of Liberal Arts; Contina McCall, Architect, AU Facilities; Nathan Waters, Office of Accessibility; Kevin Watson, IT Support, AU Executive Offices.


Plans for EASL spaces

Auburn University's Board of Trustees approved the budget for two new central classroom buildings and one instructional lab building. One of the classroom buildings will be outside the RBD library, on Mell Street, while the other one will be built in the current location of Allison and Parker Halls, with the instructional lab building planned next to it. Both general classroom buildings will contain lecture halls designed to accomodate active learning, multiple flexible classrooms that are either designed from the start as EASL spaces or can be easily turned into fully equipped EASL spaces. All of these classrooms will contain flexible furniture and erasable writing surfaces around the rooms. In addition, the central classroom buildings will also house a number and variety of informal learning spaces.

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EASL 2 Go projects increase the use of active learning across campus, preparing more faculty to teach in the new classroom spaces


Last Updated: April 14, 2016