Presidential Task Force for Opportunity and Equity


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The four subcommittees of the Presidential Task Force for Opportunity and Equity have completed their work and made recommendations to address disparities in recruitment and retention, as well as the implementation of a campus-wide Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Education program. Read more about each subcommittee here:


2016 Auburn Climate Study

From the Presidential Task Force for Opportunity and Equity:

In fall 2015, the institution launched its most comprehensive climate assessment process that focused on better understanding the lived experiences of all members of the Auburn Family. The implementation committee, comprised of faculty, staff and students, originally identified   17 recommendations  to guide the institution’s future diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. Today,  the Presidential Task Force on Opportunity and Equity is sharing the full results of the assessment to ensure that all members of our community have a holistic view of the recommendations that emerged. 

As we continue to identify a path forward for increased diversity, equity and inclusion at Auburn, we are using this document for historical context, particularly as we prepare to engage in a future climate assessment process. We are committed to the vigilant work required to improve our climate and thank each of you for your individual and collective contributions. 

Last updated: 08/05/2021