Elder Planning Counselor (EPC) Designation Program

Truth About Retirement Planning

According to the US Census Bureau (2018) there are over 51 million people age 65 and older in the United States accounting for 15.6 percent of the total population.
Right now, 11,000 people are turning age 65 in America every day. The AARP projects that the retirement-age segment of the population will grow by 78 million over the next decade.
There is more than $5 billion currently in 401k accounts slated to be rolled over into IRAs...
Yes, it's true. You have probably already heard those numbers.
At the same time the population of the U.S. is aging.

The population is irreversibly aging. Recent studies have proven it. The average age of the U.S. population is going up. People are living longer and the birth rate is declining. At the same time, the chance of a person needing long-term care in retirement for an unforeseen illness is 70%.

What does this mean for professional advisors?
Elder planning expertise is needed more than ever from financial professionals like us. And yet, because of recent events in the insurance industry and in the markets as a whole, many of us have kicked the can down the road. The importance of giving sound financial advice to prepare your clients for retirement is greater than ever. There has never been a time, as advisors, when it has been more important to be well-versed in all the ins and outs of elder planning.

Introducing the Elder Planning Counselor (EPC) Designation

EPC - Elder Planning Counselor

The Elder Planning Counselor (EPC) Designation is designed to help working professionals enhance their understanding of the aging population. This includes Insurance and Financial Advisors, Real Estate Agents, Attorneys, CPA’s, Accountants, Caregivers, Medical personnel and people generally who work with the 55+ age group, focusing upon the evolving needs of Americans as they age.

The EPC Program, in partnership Auburn University believes that working with the maturing client involves a "total needs approach."

You can change your business today by leveraging quality, up-to-date education from a highly respected source.

The Four Simple but Significant Reasons for the EPC Designation/Program
  1. Designation programs need to be recognized by an accredited educational body whose reputation for academic excellence is unparalleled.
    The EPC Designation is available through Auburn University. As of 2019, Auburn University is listed among the nation's top Institutions of Higher Education. The successful EPC student will receive a certificate of completion by the Auburn University.

  2. Designation programs need to be about the client or customer, not the Professional.
    You need a program that’s about new information, not new students. The EPC is a gateway to more education and not a destination of itself. An EPC is a ticket to learn more from Advanced EPC programs and regularly updated text materials available to every graduate.

  3. EPC is about the Elder. Other programs are about the designee. It’s that simple...
    Sum up the relative nature of competing programs by the way they address their target audience – EPCs call them "Elders" and others call them "Seniors". "Elders" are those "deeply respected because age". "Seniors" are simply people with money "whose date of birth makes them old enough to be a part of the club."

  4. The program includes:
    1. Over 1100 pages of educational information focusing on education - not just passing an exam.
    2. Online e-Learning and LIVE EPC classes for exam preparation after pre-class study not the whole program itself.
    3. Educational material to help professionals of every calling provide better advice to the aging population.
    4. Connections to a pipeline of continuing education programs to make you a better professional, helping seniors – not a better salesperson.
The EPC Program Curriculum Overview:

MODULE 1 – Aging & Health Issues
By understanding the age-related and non-age-related changes and challenges, an EPC is better qualified to professionally serve the elder client or prospect.

The EPC Certificate Program provides an opportunity to study how such factors as age, gender, race, and ethnic background greatly influence elder behaviors and attitudes. Simply by knowing the symptoms and having the awareness of some of the medical conditions and ailments that take their toll on our aging society could greatly enhance the way in which the EPC interacts and carries on business with an elder.

  • Chapter 1: Situation Critical – Our Population is Aging!
  • Chapter 2: Principles, Progressions & the Effects of Aging
  • Chapter 3: Understanding Chronic Conditions
  • Chapter 4: Dementia & Our Aging Society
  • Chapter 5: Nutrition and Fitness

MODULE 2 – Long Term Care - Social & Psychological Issues
Course attendees will be in a better position to provide advice to the elders they interact with when dealing with the various decisions and resources that are, and will be, associated with their change in independent status.

  • Chapter 1: Long Term Care Issues
  • Chapter 2: Housing Options
  • Chapter 3: Caregiving in America
  • Chapter 4: End-Of-Life Planning Issues
  • Chapter 5: Funeral Planning
  • Chapter 6: Bereavement – Grief and the Healing Process

MODULE 3 - Financial Issues
There are many challenges for elders who are facing their retirement years. Some have planned, and some have not. The purpose of this chapter is to show the EPC in general terms how to develop the various strategies that can help their clients come to terms with their financial position and needs.

The EPC will look at the various stages of financial planning, taking into consideration the elder’s objectives while looking at the challenges and many stages that elders will have already experienced prior and throughout their retirement.

  • Chapter 1: Social Security & Medicare Programs
  • Chapter 2: Financial Planning Basics
  • Chapter 3: Retirement Income Basics
  • Chapter 4: Legacy Planning
  • Chapter 5: Income Tax Planning

MODULE 4 - Communication & Other Timely Issues
Elders have a completely different set of issues, concerns, and values that need to be understood and appreciated as a total package. Any concerns can be solved appropriately if they are effectively addressed.

  • Chapter 1: The Social Aspects of Aging
  • Chapter 2: Communicating with Elders
  • Chapter 3: Marketing to Our Aging Society
  • Chapter 4: Elder Fraud, Abuse and Ethics
  • Chapter 5: Putting It All into Perspective

In order to register for this online certificate program, all participants must register and pass a background check. Once you pass the background check, that takes 7-10 days, our office will then send you the password and entry into the beginning module. You must pass each exam for each module to complete the program. Passing grade is 70%.

We view these elder clients as a vulnerable population and want candidates with good intentions to assist our elder clients.

  • EPC: Elder Planning Counselor Background Check - Full Designation, $995
  • EPC: Elder Planning Counselor Background Check - Single Module , $250

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Last Updated: May 4, 2024