2016 Auburn University Website Template

This template is now available for any department or college to use should you wish to redesign your website and need a pre-designed look.

This 2016 template is not a required change, but is being made available to those who wish to use it.

Like the previous templates, this has been built using the Bootstrap framework, giving us more options for layout, components with easy-to-use interactive features and is responsive for use on any device.

The template has been designed to accomodate WCAG 2.0 AA and Section 508 for website accessibility.

A WordPress template is now available and can be downloaded.

DO NOT copy the Auburn University main homepage. It is supposed to be unique.

If you have questions regarding this please contact the Office of Communications & Marketing by calling 334-844-9999.

Required Items

Below is a list of items that are required to be on all Auburn University webpages. Most, if not all sites currently have these items, but if your site does not have them, you will need to make sure they are present:

  • Copy & Paste the code below.

    (i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o),

    ga('create', 'UA-2228003-3', 'auto'); // AU Tracker
    ga('set', 'anonymizeIp', true); // Anonymize IP
    ga('send', 'pageview');

    // ga('create', 'UA-XXXXXXX-XX', 'auto', {'name': 'myTracker'}); // Your Tracker Code
    // ga('myTracker.set', 'anonymizeIp', true); // Anonymize IP
    // ga('myTracker.send', 'pageview');


    To add your own Google Analytics ID, uncomment the last 3 lines of the code and replace the XXXXXXX-XX with your site's number. To add a third tracking code, copy the last two lines, change 'myTracker' on both lines to a unique name and add your site's number.

    If you are currently using Google Analytics to track pageviews for your website, you will need to include the Auburn University tracking code with it.

  • Search

    A search option needs to be included, either by using your own search engine or by utilizing the main Auburn University search form.

  • Auburn University Logo

    An Auburn University logo is required in your site header and must link back to the university's homepage

  • Header Colors

    Continue using the dark blue background with the orange navigation bar.

  • Last Updated Date

    The text can so read "Last Modified", "Last Revised", "Last Reviewed" or any other similar text that indicates when the content was last checked to be sure it was accurate and up to date. Homepages that are updated very frequently (at least once a week) are exempt from this requirement.


Please make sure the links below are provided in either the header of footer of your site.

  • A privacy statement - feel free to use Auburn's at http://auburn.edu/privacy
  • A website feedback form that includes a question about accessibility needs - feel free to use Auburn's at http://auburn.edu/websitefeedback
  • A copyright statement - feel free to use Auburn's at http://auburn.edu/copyright
  • Accessibility - http://auburn.edu/accessibility
  • A link to an employee directory such as People Finder
  • AU Access - http://auaccess.auburn.edu
  • Map - http://auburn.edu/map
  • A link to a sitemap or A-Z Index - http://auburn.edu/az


Template Notes
  • The site header has different operating options. The header can stay locked at the top of the page. While locked, scrolling down the page can shrink the header to a smaller size to allow a bigger viewing window. An image and the unit titles can switch as you scroll down as well. These options can be turned on by having the following items added.
    • Adding the class "headerlock" to the "body" tag will lock the header.
    • Adding the class "headershrink" to the "body" tag will cause the header to shrink when scrolling.
  • The unit titles in the header can either stay in place, appear while scrolling or can be replaced all together with an image. Look at the "This Is Auburn" graphic for examples. Below are the class options. To use them, add them to the "header" tag in your page.
    • image_stay
    • image_switch
    • Leave it blank
  • Adding the class "fullwidth" to the "body" tag will cause the prenavigation area, navigation links, navigation dropdown panels and all content rows to go full width of the viewing screen
Last Updated: March 26, 2020