Zach West

   Zach is a junior from Austin, Texas studying finance. He joined the team at the beginning of his freshman year. Having done a few triathlons in elementary school he decided to try the sport again. After seeing a huge improvement from year one on the team, he hopes to set a PR at nationals. In his free time Zach enjoys golfing. As the president, he would like to improve the team from last year and lead the team to another great showing this season.

Vice President

Dawson Oliver

   Dawson is a sophomore from Prattville, Alabama studying Biosystems engineering. He joined the team the beginning of his freshman year. He was on his hometown's summer swim team and ran cross country and track in high school. He found the triathlon team at Auburn and was hooked. As vice president he hopes to improve the the practices to get the most out of every minute and promote a good sense of community among the team.


Mack Van Wagnen

   Mack Van Wagnen grew up in Athens, Alabama and came to Auburn to pursue a degree in Electrical Engineering/ Computer. In high school, Mack was an all-state level runner in four track events and in cross country. Mack also helped lead an underwater robotics team to international honors. Though not a strong swimmer, Mack excels on the bike and run portions of triathlons and hopes to continue improving throughout his college years.


Cody Davis

   Cody is a sophomore from Opp, Alabama, pursuing a degree in animal sciences with hopes of attending veterinary school. He competed in cross country and in various track and field events in high school. He became interested in triathlons when he started college. Cody also remains active in karate and has won multiple top honors in tournaments.

Social Media

Forrest Dewberry

   Forest is a junior from Huntsville, Alabama studying chemical engineering. He was a top runner in cross country in high school. Then, Forrest decided to push his boundaries by competing in triathlons in college. In his free time Forest enjoys writing. As a member of the social media team, his goal is to show fellow students what it means to be a triathlete.

Social Media

Maggie Lucas

   Maggie is a senior from Pelham, Alabama studying social work.In high school, Maggie was an all-state level runner in cross country and in the 3200 in track. She hopes to get a PR in all three disciplines, but especially in cycling.