Street sign mock up that reads Accessibility

Auburn University Medical Permits are required for all vehicles displaying a permanent or temporary state issued handicap permit. The Auburn University Medical Permit must be picked up in the Parking Services Office and will only be issued upon presentation of the proper documentation for each of the conditions listed below.

    Reserved Handicap Parking sign
  • Temporary medical parking permits will be available for short-term disabilities (including pregnancy) where the treating physician deems the temporary permit medically necessary for the medical condition. Faculty, staff and students must present medical verification of their disability to the Auburn University Medical Clinic; the Clinic will provide a document recommending the type of permit (Medical A or Medical B) the person is to receive when presented at the Parking Services Office.
  • Temporary disabilities will need to provide proper documentation from the appropriate state that the vehicle is registered in.
  • Students with permanent disabilities must obtain documentation from the Auburn University Office of Accessibility. Faculty with permanent disabilities must bring documentation from the State that has issued the handicap placard. All documentation should indicate that the person requesting the Auburn University medical permit is the person of record on the documentation.
  • Faculty/staff whose job title allows them only to purchase a B-zone permit, will be eligible for an A-zone permit for the price of a B-zone permit with an expiration date determined by the documentation presented at the time of registration. If the faculty/staff qualifies for an A-zone permit, they may still choose to purchase the B-zone permit. The faculty/staff will be able to park in any handicap space or in any A-zone or B-zone space, depending on the type of permit that they purchase.

Last Updated: July 29, 2016