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Bioinformatics Bootcamp FAQ

Q. Which airport should I plan to fly into for the Bootcamp?

A. The most convenient airport is Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta, GA (which is a 1.5 hr drive from Auburn).

Q. Can I take a shuttle from Atlanta to Auburn?

A.  Yes, Groome operates a shuttle service (website) phone (334) 821-3399. It has a scheduled drop off and pick up at The Hotel at Auburn University & Dixon Conference Center which is the most accessible from campus. Others are listed at (website) and (map).

Q. What days should I plan on traveling to the Bootcamp?

A.  The recommended travel dates for the Bootcamp are a June 4th arrival and June 10th departure. We’ll be starting around 8:30 AM on Monday, June 5th and wrapping up Friday afternoon.

Q. Where should I plan to stay?

A.  We are creating a list of local hotels and places to stay that will be posted soon.

Q. Will I need to install Linux on my laptop prior or during the Bootcamp?

A. No, you will not need to install Linux directly onto your laptop. If you have access to a Mac laptop for the Bootcamp, that would be ideal since many of the tools needed for the Bootcamp pre-assignment as well as the Bootcamp itself are natively built into that operating system. Similarly, a laptop running any variant of Linux will also work.

Those with a Windows laptop will need to install terminal emulation software such as Putty and software for secure file transfer, Cyberduck.  Another option is setting up a virtual machine running Linux using the freely available VMWare Player ( Os X users should consider installing Cyberduck, and Nautilus can provide a similar functionality for Linux users.

Putty-0.64-installer.exe (Windows)

Use link under heading A Windows installer for everything except PuTTYtel:

Cyberduck (Windows, Os X)

Nautilus information (Linux)

Ensure that you have WIFI and administrative privileges to install software on the laptop that you bring to the Bootcamp.

Q. Will I receive a syllabus of the topics covered in the Bootcamp prior to attending?

A. A syllabus is being finalized regarding what topics will be covered in each AM and PM session of each day and will be distributed well prior to the start of the Bootcamp. The reason for this is while the front half of the Bootcamp is universal (discussing data formats, data quality control and processing, etc), the latter half is more tailored to the general interests of the participants (based on the materials you submitted).

Q. How do I get to class?

A.  The classroom will be located on the Auburn University Campus. More details to follow.

Q. What time does class meet?

A. 8:30 AM–5:00 PM

Q. Where can I park?

A. If you know you will need on-campus parking. Please contact us and we will procure a parking permit for you.

Q. How do I continue to develop my bioinformatics skills once the Bootcamp ends?

A. We will be discussing near the end of the Bootcamp how participants might set up a Linux environment where they can further practice and develop techniques they are introduced to in the workshop.

Q. When is payment for Bootcamp due?

A. Payment is due by May 1, 2016.

Q. How can I pay for Bootcamp?

A.   More information will be posted soon. In the past we have been able to use check, Visa and university funds transfer.

Last Updated: 01/24/2017