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Gorden awarded Intramural Grant

Published: 03/06/2012

Anne Gorden, associate professor of Chemistry, received an intramural grant from Auburn University’s Office of the Vice President for Research for $160,000. The grant was awarded based on her proposal, “Ultraviolet-visible/ Fluorescence Microspectrophotometer.” Collaborators on the grant include assistant professor Christian R. Goldsmith and associate professor German Mills, both of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, as well as Virginia A. Davis, associate professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering.

Funding from the grant will be used  money to purchase an ultraviolet-visible/ fluorescence microspectrophotometer for the University to be housed in Chemistry. Gorden notes that not only will this machine be available for use by other departments, many of which have already shown interest, but it will also help attract additional funding to the University.

“This will be the only ultraviolet-visible/ fluorescence microspectrophotometer used for academic purposes in the southeast,” Gorden said. “The nearest university with a cutting-edge spectrophotometer like this is the University of Pittsburgh.”

The machine will allow Gorden to further her research on the characterization of single, micron-sized crystals. It will also allow for the University to expand its current capabilities in microscopy and microanalysis. Gorden also notes that it will offer a greener approach to many research projects, as it allows for much smaller amounts of material to be used for sampling.

“I’m excited for the opportunity for research and the new methods of material characterization and it’s nice that in doing so, we’ll be able to bring notoriety to the University,” Gorden said.

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