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Dr. Wlodek Kuperberg part of the 'Research in Pairs' (RiP) program

Published: 07/31/2013

Dr. Wlodek Kuperberg conducted research at the Oberwolfach Mathematical Research Institute (Germany) from April 7 - May 5, 2013. The research was supported by the Institute under the "Research in Pairs" (RiP) program and  he worked with his collaborating Professor Gábor Fejes Tóth of the Alfred Rényi Mathematical Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary.

They are also invited to continue their research in November 2013. Their ongoing project is on the translation of and supplements to the classical monograph in Discrete Geometry on packing and covering theory written in German by László Fejes Tóth (Gábor's father), titled "Lagerungen in der Ebene, auf dem Kugel und im Raum." The original text was published in 1953, with a second edition in 1972, also in German. The updated English edition will meet the great demand among a more general audience of research mathematicians including aspiring university students, math educators, engineers, chemists, etc., and even among advanced high school students.

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