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Time Management Seminar held September 8th

Published: 09/09/2014

As part of the Undergraduate Survival Guide Series, the first Lunch and Learn Seminar was “Time Management.” Topics covered in this seminar include: Overview of the Importance of Time Management, A Personal Time Survey, Time Scheduling, Principles of Effective Time Management, and Procrastination is a Safety Blanket. The seminars addressed the costs of not utilizing good time management and benefits of utilizing good time management. Each student completed “A Personal Time Survey” to identifying time spent on activities. Additionally, students created a schedule to assess and plan workload.

The time management principles addressed included: identify best time of day to study, study difficult or boring first, use same place to study each time, avoid distractions, use waiting time wisely, treat school as a full time job, and enlist the help of others. The Procrastination is a Safety Blanket section included Reason for Procrastination, How Procrastination Starts, How to Cure Procrastination, and Strategies to Fight Procrastination.


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