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Transfer Credit

Understanding transfer credit requires not only access to what has already been evaluated (which you can find on the Transfer Equivalency Charts below), but also understanding of the process and requirements for anything you don’t find on our charts.

Below, you will find the transfer charts, the policies and process, and some other resources in addition. The “Transient Approval” section is for students who are already here at Auburn but who want or need to take a course or more elsewhere and transfer it back. For students who are transferring to Auburn from another public institution in the state of Alabama, the “Alabama Transfers” page includes state-wide articulation information. And, for students who have questions about credit they may have earned through testing such AP, IB, or the ACT, the charts for those are here also.


Once you submit your official transcripts to Admissions, your transfer work will be entered into our system. If a course is already in our database, then the AU equivalent will show immediately. If the course is not in our system then you will receive a pending credit for the course. Once you have been accepted by the Office of Admissions, the pending credit will be evaluated by the respective department. You should know how your pending credits will be counting by the time you attend your SOS session.

Students needing transfer admissions information should check the Admissions website.

Credit for Core Curriculum English writing courses is allowed only on grades of C or better. Courses with grades of D are only acceptable for transfer in those degree programs in which grades of D are acceptable for equivalent courses taken at Auburn University.

No. Your credits from other institutions may count towards degree progress at Auburn University but your Auburn GPA will only include courses taken at Auburn University.

Auburn University does not reward credit for remedial or technical courses. If these courses are included in your transfer work then they will receive a NOCR 1000 credit.

Once you have been accepted at Auburn University and we have received official College Board reports of your AP credit, we will award the appropriate credit based on Auburn guidelines. Please refer to (link) to see how AP credit is awarded at Auburn.

The maximum credit allowed will be equivalent to one-half of the student’s curriculum at Auburn but not to exceed 96 quarter hours or 64 semester hours.

Auburn multiples the quarter hour by .67 to get the semester hour. For example, if you have earned 6 quarter hours they will be converted to 4 semester hours.

A minimum of 25% of the total semester hours required for the baccalaureate degree must be earned in residence at Auburn University. A minimum of 50% of the course work in the major must be earned in residence at Auburn University. These hours must be taken in the final year (final 25%) and in the school/college curriculum of graduation. Students should contact their college of enrollment for the specific number of hours required for their degree.

Yes. Make sure you send in a copy of your official transcript to Admissions once you have successfully completed the course(s) and a grade has been awarded.

A pending credit is a temporary credit given to a transfer course that is in the process of being evaluated by the respective department for Auburn credit. Once an equivalent has been determined by the department, the pending credit will be removed and the AU equivalent will be awarded in its place.

The difference between an EVAL HOLD and a pending credit is that the EVAL HOLD has already been evaluated by the department and it has been determined that the AU equivalent must be applied on an individual, case-by-case basis. These credits are often seen on separate lecture and lab Science courses, on Art or Music courses that require the submission of a portfolio to determine credit, and on Special Topics courses where the content changes by semester. Please speak to your academic advisor about getting these updated to show the specific AU credit.

A general elective is given to a transfer course that has legitimate course content but Auburn does not offer a specific match. The course is essentially a free elective at Auburn.

Please talk to your academic advisor about challenging an Auburn course equivalency. If your advisor agrees the course may need to be re-evaluated he/she will explain how to initiate the process.

Undergraduate students are classified according to the number of semester hours passed. See below for breakdown:

  • Sophomore: completed 30 hours and is in the 31st to 60th credit hour.
  • Junior: completed 60 hours and is in the 61st to 90th credit hour.
  • Senior: completed 90 hours and is in the 91st hour or higher.

Check the transfer equivalency tables to see if the course is already in our database (see link). If the course is not in our system, please speak to your academic advisor about getting the course evaluated before you take it to ensure AU credit.

You will need to speak to student services or an advisor within the college you are considering. For contact information, please visit the Academic Advising webpage.

  • Under “Transfer Courses by State and Institution”, you may look up the state and institution, and then can view all courses that have been evaluated from that institution and how they transfer into Auburn.
  • Under “Transfer Courses by Course Name”, you may look up the Auburn course that you need. Then, you can search which institutions have an equivalent already evaluated.
  • If a course is not listed, you may email to request it be evaluated.