Tested Positive for Covid-19? Self-Report Here
Covid-19 Resource Center

Covid-19 Resource Center

Welcome to the COVID-19 Resource Center, Auburn’s centralized, multidisciplinary website created to respond to questions and requests from faculty, staff, parents and students regarding COVID-19.

Here, the campus community can self-report positive COVID-19 test results, receive answers to COVID-related human resource questions and learn more about Healthcheck passes, isolation and quarantine procedures, and other frequently asked questions.

Staffed by trained volunteers from across the university, the center is a centralized resource for campus, working closely with the Auburn University Medical Clinic, Facilities Management, University Housing, Human Resources, Campus Safety and Security, University Senate, Student Affairs and other campus units to help safeguard the health of the entire campus community.

Testing and Tracking

Auburn University tracks positive cases reported through two sources:

  1. Self-reported data (including data from current students, employees, and third-party contractors) who report testing positive for COVID-19, regardless of testing location; and

  2. On-campus sentinel testing provided through the GuideSafe™ Platform.

Testing information is compiled weekly (Monday – Sunday) and posted to this site each Tuesday.

Note: Data reported before August 31 was not reported on a Monday-Sunday week and said counts have been adjusted to allow for consistency.

Self-Reported Covid-19 Tests

The university requires all current students and employees who test positive for COVID-19, regardless of testing location, to complete a confidential Self-Report Form. Self-reported data includes those reports submitted by students, faculty, staff, and third-party contractors working on campus who have tested positive for COVID-19.

The Self-Report Form is how an individual notifies Auburn University, through the COVID Resource Center, about their test result. Submission of the form enables the university to help reduce exposure among the campus community by providing necessary contact tracing and follow-up care.

Note: Total positive cases include self-reported numbers and Auburn students and employees tested through the AU GuideSafe™ Sentinel testing. For the purposes of this website, Auburn University began tracking self-reported cases on the first day of the fall semester, August 17, 2020. Auburn categorizes self-reported tests based on the date the self-report form is submitted to the university.

Auburn University Newly Self-Reported Covid-19 Cases by Week

Week ending Sept. 13, 2020: 109
Week ending Sept. 6, 2020: 598
Week ending Aug. 30, 2020: 570
Main (Auburn)
AU Airport
Shell Fisheries
Futures Studio
Harris Early Learning
Pharmacy - Mobile
Pharmacy - Montgomery
Rural Studio
Shellfish Lab
Solon Dixon
Urban Studio

Sentinel Testing

As part of ongoing surveillance of COVID-19 at Auburn, Sentinel testing data includes only those tests conducted through the GuideSafe™ program. These voluntary tests of asymptomatic students, faculty, and staff include individuals currently enrolled/employed on Auburn’s campus. Results presented do not include individual tests performed at the AU Medical Clinic or at other testing sites.

Auburn University Sentinel Testing by Week

Week ending Sept. 13, 2020: 1.8% of 329 tests
Week ending Sept. 6, 2020: 6.4% of 621 tests
Last updated: September 16, 2020