You are a contracting cadet if you plan to contract this semester with ROTC. Contracting cadets who have already completed this paperwork should continue to coordinate with the Army ROTC Recruiting Office on completing the contracting process. Contracting cadets who have not completed this paperwork should do so (EXCEPT for the DA Form 3425-R), and then contact the Army ROTC Recruiting Office to make an appointment to turn-in the paperwork and start the rest of the contracting process (Note: Do this SOON). You are advised that you MUST be a full-time student to be in Army ROTC (12 or more credit hours). You are also advised to be pro-active in the pre-contracting process, since each day you don’t contract during the semester can result in lost ROTC subsistence allowance (stipend).


You are a non-contracting cadet if you don’t plan to contract with ROTC (i.e., you are only taking the class) and you are enrolled in either MILS 1020, MILS 1021, MILS 2020, or MILS 2021. Your eligibility to be in Army ROTC cannot be determined until you have completed required forms and turned-in required documents. While compliance is voluntary, refusal to comply renders you ineligible for Army ROTC. You must complete this process within two weeks of the start of the semester, or within two weeks from when you added Army ROTC class(es) – unless your ROTC Instructor grants an extension. Failure to comply can result in your being required to drop Army ROTC class(es), or a restriction placed on your participation in ROTC labs, etc. All information and documents provided are kept confidential. You are advised that you MUST be a fulltime student to be in Army ROTC (12 or more credit hours).

  • All forms that can be typed will be typed. All others will be printed, filled out and signed.
  • Signatures:
    • Use your “Given Name” signature (first, MI, and last name). DO NOT use aliases or abbreviations of your name.
    • In areas where it requires your initials, please use your first, middle, and last initials. Initial in cursive.
  • Signature Dates: Use military day, month, year format (29 Mar 05). DO NOT use a number to represent a month.
  • Include ZIP codes for city and state addresses given. If necessary, refer to an online ZIP code directory.

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