Auburn University Faculty Meeting
March 26, 2024
3:30 p.m.
Via Zoom:
Meeting will open 15 minutes prior for signing in early if you care to do so.


Call to Order
Approval of the University Faculty Meeting Minutes from October 24, 2023

Remarks and Announcements
University Senate Chair: Lisa Kensler
President: Chris Roberts
Provost: Vini Nathan

Action Items
Proclamation Motion (debate, vote)

Presenter: Michael Stern
Proclamation motion made and seconded at October 24, 2023 Faculty Meeting:

Whereas the call for interim provost candidates distributed by the Office of the President on Jan 19, 2022 stated, “the person selected as interim Provost will not be eligible to be a candidate for the permanent position,”

Whereas ethical individuals who wanted to be considered for the permanent position did not apply for the interim position,

Whereas the President of the University committed in front of the entire University Senate on January 25, 2022 that the Interim Provost could not be a candidate for the permanent Provost position unless there was a failed national search,

Whereas the Auburn News announced to the entire University community on February 24, 2022 that, “Incoming-President Roberts will begin the nationwide search for a permanent provost following the start of his presidency on May 16. As interim provost, Nathan will not be a candidate for the permanent provost position. An acting dean for the College of Architecture, Design and Construction will be named in the coming weeks. Nathan will return to the dean position in the CADC when a permanent provost is selected,”

Whereas President Roberts failed to conduct a national search for the permanent Provost position,

Whereas an internal-only search committee was suddenly formed with Dr. Susan Hubbard, a direct subordinate of Dr. Vini Nathan, as the chair of the committee,

Whereas the only alternative finalists to Dr. Vini Nathan were also her direct subordinates.

WHEREFORE, THE PREMISES CONSIDERED, The University Faculty resolves as follows:

1. Dr. Vini Nathan should not be considered the legitimate Provost of Auburn University.

2. President Roberts should restore the integrity of his office by conducting a national search to hire a Provost of the highest ethical standards who will protect the academic freedom of the faculty.

Information Items

Presenter: Mark DeGoti
SACSCOC presentation (pdf)

AUBURNACHIEVE and Career Outcome Data Update

Presenters: Katie Boyd and Anna Claire Stinson
OAI presentation (pdf)

Announcement of Chair-elect and Secretary-elect

Presenter: Lori Eckhardt, University Senate Chair-elect

New Business - Lisa Kensler, Senate Chair

Adjournment - Lisa Kensler, Senate Chair