C. Harry Knowles - Research Leadership

C. Harry Knowles - Research Leadership: Andras Bezdek 

This distinguished professorship was developed to honor a member of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics tenured faculty. This individual must have  a strong commitment to research in mathematics teaching and learning.  This commitment is to be shown by a record of scholarly activity in mathematics subject presentation, engaging learning techniques (including technology assisted), and outcomes assessment and is to be mathematics content driven. Accomplishments will be based on innovativeness involving the instructional system as a whole, including students, tools teachers, course materials, formal and informal learning environments, and the interactions with the College's K-12 Outreach division, representing the continuum of mathematics instruction.  The recipient must show ongoing scholarly activity in mathematics learning and instruction by means of published peer reviewed papers in  professional literature, successful proposal writing, invited presentations and service on national/international panels and organizations.