Dean's Medalists

COSAM Dean's Medalists

The Dean's Medalists are outstanding graduating seniors in each department. Students are nominated by faculty within their department and selection is based on academic performance, character and potential. The number of medalists chosen from each department is based on student enrollment.

Each recipient receives a copy of their 8x10 photograph that hangs in the hallway in the Dean's office area for the following year, a book and a Dean's Medal on a plaque.

2022 Recipients

Emma Peacock - Biological Sciences
Jake Tatum - Biological Sciences
Alex Baty - Biomedical Sciences
Madison Hogans - Biomedical Sciences
Christopher Purvis - Biomedical Sciences
Katharine Lightfoot - Chemistry and Biochemistry
Emma Henderson - Geosciences
Emma Snyder - Mathematics and Statistics
Brett Clark - Physics

2021 Recipients

Ruobing Chen - Biological Sciences
Madeline Grace - Biological Sciences
Anna Fouty - Biomedical Sciences
William Illiano - Biomedical Sciences
Ryan Washburn - Biomedical Sciences
Xavier Streety - Chemistry and Biochemistry
Lauren Dickerson - Geosciences
Kendall Bonner - Mathematics and Statistics
Morgan Tatum - Physics

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2020 Recipients

Bryanna Meredith - Biological Sciences
Holden Camp - Biological Sciences
Nikki Panzica - Biomedical Sciences
Laura Minton - Biomedical Sciences
Katherine Buchanan - Biomedical Sciences
Katherine Hunter - Chemistry and Biochemistry
Carly Glidewell - Geosciences
Anna Traylor - Mathematics and Statistics
Brady Unzicker - Physics

2019 Recipients

Madeline Choi - Biological Sciences
Lauren Oliver - Biological Sciences
Julia Dickenson - Biomedical Sciences
Benjamin Nelson - Biomedical Sciences
Callie Simon - Biomedical Sciences
Patrick Sahrman - Chemistry and Biochemistry
Tristan Orndorff - Geosciences
Ashley Gibson - Mathematics and Statistics
Samuel Levenson - Physics


Casey Phillips - Biological Sciences
Kaitlyn Hickman - Biological Sciences
Wesley Curles - Biomedical Sciences
Jane Hampton - Biomedical Sciences
Hudson Holmes - Biomedical Sciences
Will McDonough - Chemistry and Biochemistry
Wesley Sandlin - Geosciences
Annie Sauer - Mathematics and Statistics
Cary Laird - Physics


Doyon Kim - Biological Sciences
Meredith Montgomery - Biological Sciences
Reka Muller - Biomedical Sciences
Natasha Narayanan - Biomedical Sciences
Meredith Thomley - Biomedical Sciences
Alexis Thrasher - Chemistry and Biochemistry
Abigail Smith - Geosciences
Laura Beth Towery - Mathematics and Statistics
Martin Wang - Physics


Jessica Adams - Biological Sciences
Evan Kilburn - Biological Sciences
Caroline Hubbard - Biomedical Sciences
Elizabeth Morris - Biomedical Sciences
Claire Walker - Biomedical Sciences
Daniel Seay - Chemistry and Biochemistry
Kelly Kindgren - Geosciences
Benjamin Brewer - Mathematics and Statistics
Brian Bender - Physics


Andrew Clark - Biological Sciences
Maegan Neufeldt - Biological Sciences
Lauren Barr - Biomedical Sciences
Lexi Burkard - Biomedical Sciences
Joseph Granade - Biomedical Sciences
Katelyn Ahern - Chemistry
Devon Verellen - Geosciences
Grahm Gordon - Mathematics and Statistics
Christopher Coger - Physics


Ashley Landuyt - Biological Sciences
Sarah Suciu - Biological Sciences
Austyn Grissom - Biomedical Sciences
Ashley Nutt - Biomedical Sciences
Alexis Pugh - Biomedical Sciences
Spencer Kerns - Chemistry and Biochemistry
Jessica Story - Geoology and Geography
Alex Sadowski - Mathematics and Statistics
Katherine Mott - Physics


Erik Brush - Biological Sciences
Zac Keenum - Biological Sciences
Kristen Gue - Biomedical Sciences
Cole Sterling - Biomedical Sciences
Bradley Young - Biomedical Sciences
Ryan Hasemeter - Chemistry and Biochemistry
Ryan Hile - Geology and Geography
Katherine Hendrickson - Mathematics and Statistics
N. Mathew Gill - Physics


Paul Bergen - Biological Sciences
Erika Bisgaard - Biological Sciences
Shaista Walji - Biological Sciences
Audra Brawley - Biomedical Sciences
Melissa Link - Biomedical Sciences
Daniel Johnson - Chemistry and Biochemistry
Kristen McCall - Geology and Geography
Bryan McMeen - Mathematics and Statistics
Kelsie Niffenegger - Physics


Brianna Dailey - Biological Sciences
Zachary DeVries - Biological Sciences
Cameron Welch - Biological Sciences
G. Joseph Coffman, Jr. - Biomedical Sciences
Audrey Duke - Chemistry
Mike Natter - Geology and Geography
Joseph Peake - Mathematics and Statistics
Robert Jefferson - Physics


Michael Alcorn - Biological Sciences
Melissa Joseph - Biological Sciences
Justin Neisler - Biological Sciences
Jordan Anderson - Biomedical Sciences
Katharine Murphee - Biomedical Sciences
Jonal Vilseck - Chemistry and Biochemistry
Joshua Lively - Geology and Geography
Jeannette Dooley - Mathematics and Statistics
Patrick Gartland - Physics


Kara Denby - Biological Sciences
Kristen Eppinett - Biological Sciences
Anne-Marie Hodge - Biological Sciences
Kristen Hastrup - Biomedical Sciences
Rohan Kambeyanda - Biomedical Sciences
Matthew McDonald - Chemistry and Biochemistry
Jordan-Leigh Taylor - Geology and Geography
Joseph Chaffee - Mathematics and Statistics
Jacod Daughhett - Physics


Kristin Coleman - Biological Sciences
Kelly Moreland - Biological Sciences
Stephen Tonks - Biological Sciences
Erin Beebe - Biomedical Sciences
S. Caitlin Cox - Biomedical Sciences
Shawn Curtis - Chemistry and Biochemistry
Dustin Kimbrow - Geology and Geography
Steven Clontz Jr. - Physics


Meghan Hayden - Biological Sciences
Andrew Land - Biological Sciences
Alex Tucker - Biological Sciences
Ashley Nemec - Biomedical Sciences
Emily Tapley - Biomedical Sciences
Allan Seibert - Chemistry and Biochemistry
Mac Martin - Geology and Geography
Christopher Norton - Mathematics and Statistics
Michael Taylor - Physics


Brett Elmore - Biological Sciences
Katherine McMillan - Biological Sciences
David Upchurch - Biological Sciences
Stefanie Lycans - Biomedical Sciences
Jeffrey Thompson - Biomedical Sciences
Michael Paine - Chemistry and Biochemistry
Michele Messner - Geology and Geography
Evan Epps - Mathematics and Statistics
Jennifer Dart - Physics


John Dykes - Biological Sciences
Dale Hansen - Biological Sciences
Shad Williams - Biological Sciences
Jonathan Jennings - Biomedical Sciences
Philip Putnam - Biomedical Sciences
Christopher Brown - Chemistry and Biochemistry
Allyson Agerton - Geology and Geography
S. Christopher Fuller - Mathematics and Statistics
Christopher Long - Physics


Wayne Brantley - Biological Sciences
Rachel Madray - Biological Sciences
Barbara Pritchard - Biological Sciences
Rachel Curvin - Biomedical Sciences
Sharon Hamilton - Chemistry and Biochemistry
Jason Williams - Geology and Geography
Brian Christy - Mathematics and Statistics
Leslie McCall - Physics


Juan Carmona - Biological Sciences
Summer Harding - Biological Sciences
Kimberly Shipman - Biological Sciences
Dawn Engelkemier - Biomedical Sciences
D. Andrew Craven, Jr. - Chemistry and Biochemistry
Andrea Sokolowski - Discrete and Stat Sci
Stephanie Park - Geology and Geography
Rachel Granade - Mathematics
Josh Fullerton - Physics


Heather Dieperink - Biological Sciences
Cortnie Krissman - Biological Sciences
Ben Rogers - Biological Sciences
Brian Brunson - Biomedical Sciences
Cathleen Sybert - Chemistry and Biochemistry
Meghan Michaels - Discrete and Stat Sci
Kenneth Moore - Geology and Geography
Cynthia Carver - Mathematics
N. Camille Graves - Physics


Elaine Cox - Biological Sciences
Lisa Muellner - Biological Sciences
Ivy Samuels - Biological Sciences
Candy Jones - Biomedical Sciences 
Jason Metz - Chemistry and Biochemistry
Theresa Fedor - Discrete and Stat Sci
Lynde Nanson - Geology and Geography
April Beckham - Mathematics
Gus Lott III - Physics


Steven Gray - Biological Sciences
Beth Moeller - Biological Sciences
Jamie Peyton - Biological Sciences
Sharon Browning - Geoology and Geography
Paul Kustos - Mathematics
Joseph Johnson - Physics


Derek Robinett - Biomedical Sciences
Sara Hazlett - Botany/Microbiology
Brian Thorpe - Chemistry and Biochemistry
Laurel Watson - Discrete and Stat Sci
Jill Whitmer - Geology and Geography
Jennifer Howard - Mathematics
Jorge Estevez - Physics
Rachel Rieniets - Zoology/Wildlife Science


Alice Edwards - Biomedical Sciences
Ludmila Tyler - Botany/Microbiology
Laura Hemmer - Chemistry and Biochemistry
Brannon McDonald - Geology and Geography
Ashley Haisten - Mathematics
Jeremy Patterson - Physics
Margaret Gunzburger - Zoology/Wildlife Science 


Jonathan Varner - Biomedical Sciences
Jason Whitlark - Botany/Microbiology
Kenneth Fletcher, Jr. - Chemistry and Biochemsitry
Michael Callahan - Discrete and Stat Sci
Daphne Williams - Geology and Geography
Jennifer Stone - Mathematics
Robert Miller, III - Physics
Michelle Dieperink - Zoology/Wildlife Science


Tracey Edwards - Biomedical Sciences
Julie Woo - Botany/Microbiology
Mary Hinnant - Chemistry and Biochemistry
Sara Butler - Discrete and Stat Science
Todd Grant - Geology and Geography
Harry Phelps - Mathematics
Blair Guy - Physics
Jennifer Urbanz - Zoology/Wildlife Science


Anne Wilkerson - Biomedical Sciences
Alexander Smith - Botany/Microbiolgy
Jennifer Gidden - Chemistry and Biochemistry
Kristin Liebertz - Discrete and Stat Sci
J. Carol Payne - Geology and Geography
Wendy Bauman - Mathematics
Greg Tyler - Phyaixa
Deana Weatherford - Zoology/Wildlife Science