Tips - Record Video on a Mobile Phone

The following tips will help you record video on your mobile phone for use in video production:

Phone- Recording video with your mobile phone

  • Make sure your phone is in landscape format, or sideways.
  • Use a tripod, or find another way to support your phone so that you are not recording handheld. This will help to reduce, or eliminate, any movement or shaking.
  • Check your background to make sure it is not cluttered, you aren’t sitting in front of full sun or extremely bright light pouring through the windows, or that there is not anything distracting behind you.
  • For better audio, you can use a wired lapel microphone. If you do not have access to one, sit or stand as close to your phone as you can while maintaining a good shot.
  • Make sure your volume is on high.
  • Speak slowly and calmly. Try not to rush what you are saying.
  • Leave about 3-5 seconds of silence at both the beginning and end of your video. This gives us a buffer, which helps with smoother transitions when editing your video.