The Dean’s Leadership Council of the College of Sciences and Mathematics offers appropriate support for the college as it strives to achieve excellence in teaching, research, and outreach in the sciences and mathematics.


Members of the council will provide guidance and support to the college, as well as serve as ambassadors in the greater community.


The council will:

  • Provide advice and counsel for the Dean, Heads and Chairs, Associate Deans, Program Directors and faculty.
  • Assist in efforts to acquire the necessary resources for the college, through personal giving and referrals of corporations, foundations, and fellow alumni and friends with the capability to give.
  • Serve as mentors to the college’s undergraduate and graduate majors.
  • Lecture to student groups on his/her area of expertise.
  • Assist in faculty recruitment when called upon.


The council consists of approximately 55 members, including alumni and friends of the college.  Names of nominees for membership should be submitted to the Dean for a formal invitation.  Members are expected to attend both the spring and fall meetings.  Two consecutive missed meetings will result in the member being moved to “Dean’s Associate” status.  Dean’s Associates are regarded as ex-officio members of the council and are invited to attend meetings.  Council members will be recognized in Journey, the college’s annual magazine.

Officers and Committees

A chairperson will be elected by the membership of the council.  Chairs are not required to serve a set period of time, but may remain in the role so long as the council and the individual are in agreement.  The chair will preside over meetings of the council and work with the Dean in formulating the agenda.  Ad hoc committees may be appointed by the chair and Dean as appropriate.  These committees may include: Research; Academic Affairs; and Development.