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Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Forms and Documents


•  Graduate Program Forms
•  Undergraduate Program Forms
•  Safety Forms
•  Faculty Forms
•  Travel Reimbursement Form
•  Meal Reimbursement Form


Graduate Program


Seminar Scoring Guidelines

Seminar Evaluation Form (Qualtrics)


Research Plan

Guidelines and Scoring Rubric

Written Research Plan Approval Form (for students, via Qualtrics)

Written Document Evaluation Form (for the committee, via Qualtrics)

Oral Evaluation Form (Qualtrics)


Final Defense

Written Thesis or Dissertation Evaluation Form (Qualtrics)

Oral Evaluation Form (Qualtrics)


CHEM 7930

CHEM 7930 Approval Instructions

CHEM 7930 Registration Link (initiated by faculty instructor)

CHEM 7930 Generic Syllabus



Doctoral Student/Candidate Annual Evaluation Form (Qualtrics)

Committee, Transfers, Exceptions, and Candidacy (CTEC) Form

Plan of Study Worksheet (blank Excel file with error correction)

Student Loan Deferment Form

Request for B-zone Parking Permit (Qualtrics)


Undergraduate Program

CHEM 4980

CHEM 4980 Approval Form

CHEM 4980 Sample Syllabus



Safety Training Documentation Form


For Faculty

Peer Teaching Evaluation Form

Travel Reimbursement Form

Meal Reimbursement Form