November 2018


A.S.K. For Your Life Event

A.S.K. For Your Life is a workshop that was built to empower low-socioeconomic status individuals and racial minorities to advocate for themselves in their healthcare. The program outlines three vital behaviors that patients should engage in to help them understand what services they are receiving and what they may be suffering from, ensure that their needs are being taken care of and what the steps are in facilitating their healing. Specifically, these steps are: Ask questions until you understand the answers; Speak up if something is not right; and Know your body, your conditions, your medications and your test results. 

Dr. Leslie Farrington, who is a retired OB-GYN from New York and now works as a healthcare activist, will be speaking at Auburn University on November 29th. In her discussion, she will focus on healthcare disparities and racial biases in healthcare. Here is the flyer, and contact Alexis Stokes at for more information if you are interested!


East Side Elementary Volunteer Day: STEM Coalition of United Learners (SCUL)

The STEM Coalition of United Learners (SCUL) hosted a Student-Parent STEM Night event at Eastside Elementary with the intent to increase traditionally underrepresented students' awareness of and interest in STEM. Being that early exposure to STEM tends to increase levels of interest and lead to eventual recruitment, the event was open to all K-12 students and showcased a multitude of different experiments such as “Screaming Dry Ice” and “Slimy Creations." In addition, the students were given the opportunity to learn about what college life is like, as SCUL believes it is never too early to start thinking about your future.


Hot Chocolate Talk with Dr. Rita Graze: OIED Ambassadors

On November 7, the OIED Student Ambassadors hosted a talk to learn and foster fellowship by sharing a cup of hot chocolate. Dr. Rita Graze, whose reserach focuses on functional genomics, quantitative genetics and evolutionary questions, gave a speech titled, “Expanding the Reach of Research.” The talk was an open space for students to discuss diversity-related concerns and questions within the context of conducting research. A few highlights of the discussion include how students often go into research believing they know what to expect, but there was a focus placed on what it really looks like in practice and the ways to get and stay involved with the research process.


STEM High School Visitation Day

On Monday, October 29th, Auburn hosted a preview day for high school Juniors and Seniors who are traditionally underrepresented in the STEM fields. Sponsored by the College of Sciences and Mathematics and the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering, the event consisted of information sessions with representatives from campus organizations such as Financial Services, Housing and Residence Life, ROTC, Auburn Career Center and Learning Communities. Furthermore, a panel discussion was led by current Auburn students that focused on topics such as what it takes to be successful in college, campus life, being a part of the Auburn family and more. Lunch was provided, and the day concluded with a walking tour of campus to explore the beautiful grounds of Auburn University. According to Dr. Vincent Ortiz of the Auburn Chemistry Department, increasing the visibility of traditionally underrepresented individuals who currently hold positions in STEM to young people and getting these young people involved provides encouragement to pursue careers in STEM. This encouragement and exposure is the goal of the STEM High School Visitation Day, and the agenda can be found here!



Contributors: Johnathan Grimes and Matt Gonzales

Editors: Matt Gonzales and Dr. Kimberly Mulligan