Applied and Computational Mathematics Seminar

Time: Feb 23, 2011 (02:00 PM)
Location: Parker 224


Speaker: Gary Sampson
Title: Two Weighted Estimates for Fourier Type Operators


Abstract: We prove two weighted estimates for Fourier transform type
operators. This includes the Fourier transform. We employ three articles
with W. B. Jurkat and one article with S. Bloom. "On maximal rearrangement
inequalities ..." Trans. AMS, (1984), "On rearrangement and weight
inequalities ..." Indiana U. Math. J., (1984), and "Two weighted (L^p,L^q)
estimates..." Rocky Mountain Math. J. (1993). We also obtain necessary and
sufficient conditions for weighted estimates for some sublinear operators.
Carleson's maximal operator is included here.