Entries for Photo Contest

Time: Apr 12, 2011 (09:00 AM)
Location: Arboretum


Photo Contest

It’s time for the annual Arboretum Photo Contest again.  Please enter those great photographs that give us the amazing selection of images to put into our Arboretum calendar.

Once again the photographs that are entered will be on display in the main hallway in Biggin Hall for one week.  The awards will be announced on our website and hung on the photos on April 21, 2011.

A cash award is given in the Arboretum category and gift certificates to Camera Graphics are awarded in all other categories.


■  There will be 6 categories:

  1. Davis Arboretum – any area, creature, tree, etc. in the Davis Arboretum. This category is exempt from the ‘no man made object’ rule.
  2. Birds and Mammals – song birds and game birds.
  3. Reptiles and Amphibians – turtles, salamanders, frogs, snakes, etc.
  4. Other Wildlife – may include butterflies, insects, fungi, lichens, invertebrates, etc.
  5. Flora – flowers, foliage, fruit, other parts of plants or trees.
  6. Artistic/Landscape – anything that doesn’t neatly fit into any other category.

■  The contest is open to any amateur photographer. An amateur is defined as someone who does not earn most of his/her living from photography.

■  Each individual may enter up to 3 photographs.

■  The photographs should be 8” x 10” and matted or mounted on an 11” x 14” mat board, with photographers name and email on the back.

■  Photos must be taken in Alabama.

■  A CD containing the images must be submitted with the matted entries if you would like your photograph used in some format by the Arboretum. One CD may contain all 3 entries.

■  The data entry sheet should be filled out, printed, and submitted with the photographs.

■  There should be no man made objects visible in the photograph (e.g. fence posts, walls, or benches). However, an exception to this rule will be in the Arboretum category.

Dates and locations
Entries must be received by 5PM on April 14, 2011. They can be hand delivered to the Arboretum Pavilion or mailed.

Mail to:
Davis Arboretum Photo Contest
Biological Sciences
101 Rouse Life Sciences Bldg
Auburn University, AL 36849

Deliver to:

Davis Arboretum Pavilion located off Garden Drive across from the President’s home. Between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM.

Camera Graphics located in the Winn Dixie shopping center on E. University during normal business hours.

The Arboretum and Camera Graphics will receive entries on April 12, 13, and 14.

We reserve the right to exclude any entry from the show.

All photographs may be picked up after the contest is over, on April 28th at the Davis Arboretum Pavilion between 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM.  If you would like to come at another time, just call first to make sure we’re in.  334-332-0430.