DMS Algebra Seminar

Time: Oct 18, 2022 (02:30 PM)
Location: 358 Parker Hall


Speaker: Dalton Bidleman (local)

Title: Dimensions of restricted secant varieties of Grassmannians
Abstract: Restricted secant varieties of Grassmannians are constructed from sums of points corresponding to k-planes with the restriction that their intersection has a prescribed dimension. We study dimensions of restricted secants of Grassmannians and relate them to the analogous question for secants of Grassmannians via an incidence variety construction. We define a notion of expected dimension and give a formula for the dimension of all restricted secant varieties of Grassmannians that holds if the BDdG conjecture on non-defectivity of Grassmannians is true. We also demonstrate example calculations in Macaulay2 and point out ways to make these calculations more efficient.