DMS Graduate Student Seminar

Time: Mar 01, 2023 (03:00 PM)
Location: 108 ACLC

Speaker: Ridvan Ozdemir (PhD student under the guidance of Junshan Lin)
Title: Topologically Protected Interface Modes in Mechanical Systems
Abstract: In this talk, we present an approach to topologically protected edge states. The study is based on breaking the inversion symmetry of a periodic media that is constructed via setting unit cells and joining periodic aggregations that are reflections of each other with respect to a unit cell or a group of cells. This construction reveals some topological structures with some dispersion topological invariants, which are Zak phase and Chern numbers in our case. We study both 1D lattice and 2D hexagonal lattice problems in topological photonic structure and existence of interface states when two sides of the system have some certain characteristics.