History of SEPEEG

SEPEEG brings together scientists from institutions in the Southeastern US to discuss their research on ecology, population biology, evolution, and genetics. SEPEEG, previously SEEPAGE, began in 1973 as SEEGG, the Southeastern Ecological Genetics Group.

Among the founders of SEEGG were Wyatt Anderson (University of Georgia), Janis Antonovics (Duke University), Bruce Grant (College of William and Mary), Jim Murray (University of Virginia), David West (Virginia Tech) and Darrell Yardley (Clemson University). The founders wanted a relaxed venue for discussing research ideas and ongoing work in ecological and population genetics and the opportunity for graduate students in the region to interact with and learn from one another.

The annual meetings of SEEGG were held in late summer at a field station or similar location; in the early years, meetings in even-numbered years were held at the Mountain Lake Biological Station and, in odd-numbered years, rotated among other locations such as the Duke University Marine Laboratory and the Skidaway Island Marine Facility. Meeting at these locations kept the participants together and offered the opportunity for constant discussion and interaction, along with considerable opportunity for field trips, forays and other forms of good, clean fun. The high level of discussion at the meetings combined with the friendly atmosphere to catalyze the development of a host of graduate students. — History provided by Joe Travis, FSU