EASL 2 Go: EASL Spaces Anywhere on Campus


The EASL 2 Go Program provides guidance and funds to purchase equipment (excluding furniture) to increase collaboration in classroom and collaboration spaces in academic and support units. The program innovates classroom/collaboration spaces and support faculty/staff in their use of EASL approaches to prepare for success in the new Board-approved classroom buildings. Individual requests for classrooms with a capacity of 40 students or fewer typically do not exceed $20K.

Submissions or proposals were handled as follows:

1.  The Biggio Center issued a call for pre-proposals.  Faculty//departments who submitted a pre-proposal had a brainstorm meeting with members of the Auburn University EASL working group, using a Pre-Proposal Worksheet to capture the ideas.

2.  After the brainstorm sessions, departments/faculty submitted proposals that were reviewed by the EASL working group using the EASL2Go Proposal Evaluation Rubric.  The proposers had access to the rubric for the development of their proposals.

3.  The entire process from call to announcing funding was four months, aiming at an implementation of spaces over the summer term when spaces are used less heavily.

4.  Grant awardees receive a timeline to work successfully and efficiently with facilities, classroom design and other involved units to ensure their EASL2Go project is completed by Fall term.

5.  All faculty teaching in the new EASL2Go spaces will be invited to workshops to teach in the new spaces before classes start.  One focus of the workshop is on different Active Learning Strategies.

What we have learned working with Faculty:

  1. Incorporate interdisciplinary interaction in your seminar/workshop/or development activity whenever possible.
  2. Include time for faculty to think back over your activities and how they might work for students in the courses they teach.
  3. In a follow-up survey or final “one minute paper” ask faculty to identify the strategy or set of strategies they are ready to try and those they would like to try but need more resources for implementing.

In 2016, nine departments are implementing EASL2Go spaces:

  • Biological Sciences
  • Biosystems Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Consumer & Design Sciences
  • Crop and Soil
  • English
  • Foreign Languages & Literatures
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Psychology

Some floor plan options for different spaces:


easltogo conference room styleeasl to go pod styleEASL 2 Go Funchess HallEASL 2 Go Haley PlansEASL 2 Go Thach Plans

The different floor plans give you a sense of how flexible the spaces are and what range of activities may be possible.


For more information about the EASL spaces at Auburn University, contact Dr. Wiebke Kuhn at 334-844-2056 or send an email to kuhnwi1 at auburn.edu.

Last Updated: April 12, 2016