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Student Core Outcomes and Readiness Evaluation

Auburn University has a Core Curriculum program guided by 9 student learning outcomes, outlined below:

Student Learning Outcomes

In order to become lifelong learners and use their education to solve practical problems, by the time of graduation, students will be able to effectively:

  • Locate, evaluate, and use information (A)
  • Read and think critically (B)
  • Apply mathematical methods (C)
  • Write and revise for a variety of purposes (D)
  • Create and deliver oral presentations (E)
  • Analyze their own society and its relationship to the larger global context (F)
  • Interact in intercultural situations (GL)
  • Apply scientific principles (H)
  • Analyze and value creative artistic endeavors (I)

In addition to the broad outcomes articulated above, there are sub-outcomes associated with each learning goal. These sub-outcomes created by Auburn faculty, provide more detail about learning expectations in the Core Curriculum.


Auburn University measures the Core Curriculum Student Learning Outcomes through an infrastructure known as the SCORE (Student Core Outcomes and Readiness Evaluation). Through our University Graduation Course, students are expected to take a one-hour assessment during their last semester at Auburn, prior to graduating. These graduating seniors are randomly assigned a test associated with one of the above student learning outcomes. All assessments are delivered and proctored by Auburn’s Testing Services. Students who do not complete the SCORE assessment (or complete a waiver if off-campus), will not receive their diploma following a successful conferral of their degree.

Educational Improvement Opportunities

The SCORE infrastructure allows Auburn to have a random, representative dataset associated with each student learning outcome the Core Curriculum is designed to foster. These data can be disaggregated in a variety of ways to identify learning gaps and help to continually improve the strength of an Auburn education.

Last updated: May 21, 2020