Paul Bergen Erika Bisgaard Shaista Walji

2012 and 2013

COSAM Dean’s Medalists

The Dean’s Medalists are outstanding graduating seniors in each department. Students are nominated by departmental faculty, and selection is based on academic performance, character, and potential. The number of medalists chosen from each department is based on student enrollment.

The 2012 Dean’s Medalists are, from left: Paul M. Bergen, Biological Sciences; Erika Bisgaard, Biological Sciences; Shaista
S. Walji, Biological Sciences; Audra Brawley, Biomedical Sciences; Melissa Link, Biomedical Sciences; Daniel Johnson, Chemistry and Biochemistry; Kristen McCall, Geology and Geography; Bryan McMeen, Mathematics and Statistics; Kelsie Niffenegger, Physics.

Audra Brawley Melissa Link Daniel Johnson
Kristen McCall Byran McMeen Kelsie Niffenegger

Erik Brush Nathanael Gill Kristen Gue

The 2013 Dean’s Medalists are, from left: Erik Brush, Biological Sciences; Nathanael Gill, Physics; Kristen Gué, Biomedical Sciences; Ryan Hasemeier, Chemistry and Biochemistry; Katherine Hendrickson, Mathematics and Statistics; Ryan Hile, Geology and Geography; Zac Keenum, Biological Sciences; Cole Sterling, Biomedical Sciences; Bradley Young, Biomedical Sciences.

Ryan Hasemeier Katherine Hendrickson Ryan Hile
Zac Keenum Cole Sterling Bradley Young