Costs, Billing & Waivers


GSGHP Early Fall PremiumFall PremiumEarly Spring PremiumSpring/Summer PremiumSummer Premium
Student $1083.50 $931.60 $338.70$921.80$465.80
Spouse $1083.50 $931.60 $338.70$921.80$465.80
Child $1083.50 $931.60 $338.70$921.80$465.80
2+ children $2167.00$1863.20$677.40$1843.60
Coverage Dates07/16/23 - 02/15/2408/16/23 - 02/15/2412/15/23 - 02/15/2402/16/24 - 08/15/2405/16/24 - 08/15/24

  • If you have any questions, please contact
  • Effective 8/15/2018: Everyone insured through Auburn University must pay the administrative fee of $60 per year. This includes scholars and OPT students.
  • Please read this notice about coverage and dates: Students are responsible for insurance costs from their arrival into the U.S., even if this is before class starts until the semester of their graduation. Example: If a student for the fall semester enters the U.S. any time between July 16 – August 15, they will be charged for one month of insurance. If they enter in December – January, you will be charged a prorated insurance amount until the spring insurance term starts in February. See FAQs for further clarification.
  • To estimate insurance costs, including the Auburn University administrative fee, please multiply $152 per month after your arrival. This is only an estimation and may be more/less depending on certain factors.


Students and their dependents are billed at the time of their arrival at their port of entry into the U.S. Insurance premiums are billed to the student bursar account. Student Financial Services will send out an electronic bill to the student's email address when new bills are posted. Students work out all payment plans with Student Financial Services.

J-1 scholars and dependents must enroll with the insurance department, in the International Student and Scholar Services department of the Office of International Programs, and through an insurance coordinator who will assist all scholars with enrollment and payment. Federal regulations require J-1 scholars and their dependents to maintain insurance for their entire stay in the U.S.


Students and scholars should be aware that waivers are rarely given. Policies purchased abroad typically do not meet the Auburn mandatory health insurance requirements. The U.S. State Department minimum requirements are also not equivalent to the Auburn insurance plan. Under certain exceptional circumstances students and scholars or dependents may waive out of the mandatory insurance. However, payment of the insurance fees is still due upon arrival at Auburn University. If a waiver is approved, insurance fees may be refunded.

To complete the waiver form, visit and enter your Auburn email address.

Last Updated: July 12, 2023