Mell Classroom Building

Student-Centered Learning

The Mell Classroom Building offers students a unique learning environment that effectively blends student collaboration and peer engagement with traditional teaching approaches.

Each classroom offers flexible academic spaces designed to facilitate engaged learning by integrating innovative technology with key communication and collaboration skills necessary for post-graduate success. Key features include:

Ability to work in teams

EASL classrooms encourage collaboration by offering moveable furniture making it easy for students to work in teams.

Ability to plan, organize, and prioritize work

Students can plan, organize, and prioritize their coursework by preparing their work prior to class.

Ability to communicate verbally

Students participate in discussions and collaborative activities during class time.

Ability to enhance technical skills

Students can enhance technology skills through creating and sharing digital content throughout the learning process.

Ability to process and retain information

Students in EASL classes report an average 6-point increase in final grades and better retention of information for future classes.

Last updated: March 03, 2022