Participating Institutions p2p Applications

Students begin by verifying that their community college is one of our current participating partners. If so, they apply via a Path to the Plains Application (available through the community college and linked below). Once accepted, students are asked to submit information to Auburn University also. Students are admitted to both institutions and are required to attend orientation sessions on both campuses.

Minimum P2P admission requirements include the following:

  1. Unconditional admission to the partner institution.
  2. Legal resident of Alabama in accordance with Auburn University’s residency policy.
  3. Minimum 2.75 high school GPA.
  4. Eligibility for ENG 101 and program-specific math requirement.
  5. Receipt of complete P2P application by deadline – including attached unofficial high school transcript and unofficial college transcript, if applicable.

Please click an icon below to be directed to the appropriate P2P application